AACI Student Connect 

This program pairs up Jewish students from Israel and around the world for one-on-one conversations via Zoom & WhatsApp; you’ll get dialogue prompts and

explore identity, Jewishness, and the challenging topics of antisemitism and the misrepresentations of Israel. 

  • “It was good hearing others’ opinions about being Jewish and Israel and making a good friend. I feel optimistic about the Jewish nation in the future- although it’s hard, we are a strong nation”.  
  • “Something that surprised me is how well I would get along with my partner and how connected I would feel to her merely because we are both Jewish”.

Student connect participants, 2021 

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AACI’s Ambassador Project 

The project connects University students, hi-tech professionals, and community members in Israel and the diaspora to raise awareness, open dialogue and dispel myths about Israel, through one-on-one online conversations followed by panel discussions with high level speakers.   

Left is a short clip from Prof. Gil Troy’s Student Dialogue event that took place in early January, 2022.




AACI’s Loans for Lone Soldiers Project offers interest-free loans to people ages 21 – 31 from English-speaking countries who have completed the army or national service as lone soldiers and have been accepted into a recognized Israeli college, university or vocational program.  

AACI will provide financial assistance as well as free counseling, answering questions and concerns about life in Israel.  

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AACI’s Buddy System with Yad L’Olim 

This program helps recently arrived Anglo senior olim to meet the challenges of resettling and adapting to Israeli life by pairing them with experienced and caring Anglo senior volunteers, residing in the same community, who are willing and able to provide personal and practical advice.   

For further information or to volunteer as a buddy, please contact Jeff Rothenberg, AACI Vice President for Klitah, at conted@aaci.org.il 


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