MAZAL TOV – October 2020

To: Marilyn Rosen on the engagement of her daughter Aviah
To: David & Karyn London on the birth of a grandson and engagement of
their son Yona
To: Elayna & Steve Weisel on the engagement of their son Marty


To: Allan Friedman on the passing of his dear wife Laura ז”ל and
to Lisa, Josh, Ami, Chaviv, Seth, Tuviya and grandchildren
To: Judith Oster on the passing of her dear husband Joseph ז”ל
To: The family of Judith Munk ז”ל, AACI library volunteer, Jerusalem
To: Debbie Zulti, Gerry Seligman & David Seligman on the passing
of their dear mother Ruth Seligman ז”ל, who was a long time AACI
Jerusalem volunteer.