MAZAL TOV – August 2020

To: Paula Goldman on the engagement of a great-granddaughter
To: Naveh Halawa & Shulamit Kieval on the birth of two great
To: Dr. Sheldon & Connie Abramson on the birth of a great-grandson, born
to Na’ama & Coby Mazel.
To: Naomi Lehrfeld on the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson, Menachem
To: Prof. George & Brenda Moschytz on the Bar Mitzvot of their two
grandsons, Ariel Michaeli and Yehuda Meir Sror.
To: Moshe & Miriam Loshinsky on the engagement of their grandson,
Yaakov Loshinsky, to Adina Mirsky in NY.


To: Sandy Ferziger Gottlieb on the passing of her beloved husband, Dr. Fred
Gottlieb- Mordechai ben HaChaver Ezra, ל”ז, father of Michael & Ann
Gottlieb and Daniel & Sharon Gottlieb, and brother of Miriam Stein &
Dr Ed Stein. 
To: Rina Quint and family on the passing of her beloved son, David ל”ז