MAZAL TOV – February 2021
 To: Janice Miller on the birth of a great grandson in NY and a Great
Granddaughter in Jerusalem 
To: Gerry & Judy Frankel on the birth of a great grandson
To: Carol Sherby on the birth of a great grand-daughter
To: David London, AACI Executive Director and his wife Karyn on the
marriage of their son Yoni to Dina
To: Charles & Linda Fern on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Yisrael
Kaganoff in Jerusalem & the birth of a great granddaughter
To: Nancy & Andy Neff on the birth of a granddaughter Tamar Adina to
their children Estie & Jonah Mermelstein in Passaic 
To: Dov and Cheryl Kempinski on the birth of twin grandsons born to Noa
and Daniel Cohen 
To: Carol Sundick on the bar mitzvah of her grandson, Sephaniah Sundick-

To: Marvin Stenge on the passing of his dear father Shlomo Ben Yaacov &
dear mother ז”ל
To: Jackie Sharman on the loss of her brother – David Ben Raizel ז”ל
To: The family of Rabbi Mordechai Rindenow ז”ל
To: Andrea Anderman & Dana Schkolnik on the passing of their dear
mother Erika Savin z”l 
To: The family of Ruth Wiener z”l a long time AACI life member and former

To: Kurt Judas
To: Joe Abelow


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