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Greiff, Yakov (Thomas) and Koven, Pinchas

Greiff & Koven Attorneys at Law and Notary

19 Nachal Dolev Street, Ramat Beit Shemesh 9962125, Israel

Phone (office): 02-9914522 ; 02-9914521

Email (office): 


Admitted:   Adv. Yakov Greiff: Israel (1993), New York (1981) and California (1998).

Adv Pinchas Koven: Israel (1989).


Special interests: 

Small Business Law [contracts, leases, corporations, labor law, compliance]; Israeli and US estate planning, wills, and durable powers of attorney; Halachic wills; Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh real estate; US and Israeli litigation; notarization for Israel and abroad.    

Abramowitz, Benson

8 Eliash St, Jerusalem 94586


Phone (office): 02-625-4242

Fax (office): 02-623-2126

Mobile: 054-427-7120

Email (office):

Admitted: 1980, Maryland; 1982, Israel

Special Interests: Residential Property, Wills, Estates and Trusts, Family Law, Notary

Ernstoff, Barry D.
19a Keren Hayesod St, Jerusalem 94188

Phone (office): 02-625-1522

Fax (office): 02-625-9262




Admitted: Washington 1971, US Supreme Court, 1975; Israel, 1986
Special Interests: Real Estate, Wills and Trusts.

Oseasohn, Michael
8 Shlomtzion Hamalka St, Jerusalem

Phone: 02-650-9899
Fax: 02-625-2217
Admitted: Texas 1977; Israel 1980
Special interests: Real Estate Contracts, Rental Contracts, Notary, Wills and Inheritance 
Israel Law Team
Ariel Novick, Esq.
37 Pierre Koenig
Jerusalem 91533
(No longer available at this address)
Mobile:  052-353-0042
Admitted: Israel 2009
Special Interests:  Eldercare and the Durable Power of Attorney, Real Estate, Notary, Wills & Estates, Labor Law, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law & Contracts, Corporate Law (formation of companies and non-profits), Intellectual Property Rights

Levin, Nichole

Azrieli Center

Sderot Da’Hamaccabim 36, Modiin


Phone (office): 08-970-1355
Fax (office): 08-970-1361
Mobile: 052-337-9205

Admitted: 1983 Israel
Special interests: Real Estate, Notary, Wills & Estates, Preservation of Historical Buildings

Mayer, Russel D.
Malcha Technology Park, building 9
Jerusalem 91481
P.O. Box 48193

Phone (office): 02-679-9533
Fax (office): 02-679-9522
Admitted: New York 1982; Israel 1991
Special Interests: Wills, Trusts and Estates,  Business/Corporate, Hi-tech, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Litigation/court 

Michels, Jeffrey E.
Midgal Hair 34 Ben Yehuda Street 15th Floor Jerusalem

Phone (office): 02-591-6180
Fax (office): 02-591-6180
Mobile: 052-350-9003
 Admitted: New York 1990; Israel 1999
Special Interests: Legal Representation in the United States and Israel, International Law and Litigation, and General Civil Practice

Wolgel, Michele
Mizpe Nevo 100
Maale Adumim 9841122

Phone (office): 02-590-3444
Fax (office): 02-590-3444
Email (office):
Admitted: New York 1985; Israel 2001
Special Interests: Visas to the USA, United States Citizenship, US Consular Issues, Notary

 Fagie Deana Fein, Adv.
Horkania 33 apt. 1
Jerusalem 9330542

Phone (office): 02-679-2587
Fax (office): 02-679-1348
Mobile: 052-263-3746
Admitted: Israel 1996
Special Interests: Wills, Estates, General
contracts, Real Estate, Residential property
Rinot, Judy
1 Schwartz Street,
Ra’anana 43212
Phone:  09-744-0110/2
Fax: 09-744-0114
Admitted: Israel 1984
Special Interests:  Real Estate Contracts, Inheritance, Wills, Notary, Enduring Power of Attorney, Tax and Estate Planning.
Benjamin, Ari
5 Droyanov St, 12th floor
Tel Aviv
Phone (office): 052-595-7710
From the US: 1-347-897-9847
Fax (office): 03-528-4176
Email (office): 
Admitted: Massachusetts 1975; Israel 1976
Special Interests: Intellectual Property (IP) Law, which includes patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
Colb Sanford T.
Sha’ar Hagai 4, Rehovot
Phone (office): 08-945-5122
Fax (office): 08-945-4556
Email (office):
Admitted: Massachusetts 1975; Israel 1976
Special Interests: Intellectual Property (IP) Law, which includes patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights
Fine, Leon
19 Hashmonaim St Tel Aviv
Phone (office): 03-561-4340
Fax (office): 03-534-5137
Email (office):
Admitted: New York 1955; Israel 1966
Special Interests: Estates
Flanter Guy
Criminal & Military Law Office
7 Zabotinski St, Moshe Aviv Tower, 27th floor
Ramat Gan 52520 
Phone: 03-744-7448
Mobile: 050-666-4499
Fax: 03-744-7449
Website: http:.//
Admitted: Israel 1995
Special Interests: Criminal Law, Military Law, White Collar Crimes, Disciplinary Proceedings, Professional Ethics.
Languages spoken: English, Hebrew
Freedman, Edwin
58 Harakevet Street
Tel Aviv 6777016
Phone (office): 03-696-6611
Fax (office): 03-609-0392
Email (office):
Admitted: New York 1976; Israel 19880
Special Interests: Family Law, International Child Abduction, Wills and Estates, Extradition
Rosenberg, George
C/O Rosenberg Abramovich Shneller, Advocates
1 Azrieli Center, Round building, 17th floor
Tel Aviv 67021
Phone (office): 03-608-1451
Fax (office): 03-608-1452
Email (office):
Admitted: Quebec, Canada 1962; Israel 1969
Special Interests: Commercial Law, Taxation (international), Trust, Successions/Inheritance, Banking, Real Estate
Waldoks, Phillip H.
S. Horowitz & Co., 31 Ahad Ha’am Street
Tel Aviv 6520204
Phone (office): 03-567-0868
Fax (office): 03-566-0974
Email (office):
Admitted: New York 1977; Israel 2022
Special Interests: Corporate, Commercial, Securities, Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance

Hait Family Law
Head Office: 28 HaArba’a St. Tel Aviv, Israel

Additional Offices: Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Haifa

Phone: Israel 077-200-8161

Phone from USA: 201-696-3947



Admitted: New York 1997; Israel 2009
Special Interests
Prenups, Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Divorce Litigation, Child Custody, Return of Parentally Kidnapped Children, Wills, Estates, Continuing Power of Attorney  
Mann, Richard
20 Hagaaton Boulevard
Nahariya POB 384 Nahariya 22103
Phone (office):  04-992 5531
Fax (office): 04-992 9790
Mobile: 054-481-1688
Admitted: New Jersey 1990,;Israel 1993
Special Interests: Real Estate, Wills & Estates, Contracts, commercial Law, Notary
Opolion Deborah Law Offices
5A Giborei Israel St., Entrance B, 3rd Floor, South Netanya
Israel Tel: 073-374-7225
Admitted: Winsconsin 2010; Israel 1988
Special Interests: Real Estate, Unclaimed/Abandoned Israeli Property,  Inheritance, Probate, Wills and Durable Power of Attorney (remote)
American Israeli Law Firm
Scott Permut, Esq.
5 Hantke Street, Haifa 34606
Phone (office):  04-824-2955
Fax (office): 04-825-3663
Mobile: 052-831-5828
Admitted:  New York 1981;  Israel 1983
Special Interests:  Inheritance, Real Estate, Wills, Continuing Power of
Attorney, Notary
Slonim, Dena
Sderot Moriya 44
Haifa 34606
Phone (office): 04-826-6583
Fax (office): 04-834-7071
Mobile: +972-52-261-1794
Email (office):
Admitted: Israel 1984
Special Interests: Wills, Probate, Estate, Trust Planning and Management,  Real Estate
 Lazar-Paley, Raquel
Gilboa 9/6
Haifa 3271611
 Phone (office): 077-700-9277
Phone (cell): 054-940-1286
Fax (office): 077-470-2677
From the US: 619-798-8137
Email (office):
Admitted: California 1999; Israel 2011
Special Interests: Estate Planning, Taxation, US Nonprofit Organizations



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