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Updated September 2020

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American Israeli Law Firm
Scott Permut, Esq.
5 Hantke Street, Haifa 34606

Phone (office):  04 824 2955
Fax (office):  04 825 3663
Cell phone : 052 831

Admitted:  New York 1981;  Israel 1983
Special Interests:  Inheritance, Real Estate, Wills, Continuing Power of
Attorney, Notary

Hait Family Law
Head Office: 28 HaArba’a St. Tel Aviv, Israel

Additional Offices: Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Haifa


Phone: Israel 077 200-8161    USA 201 696-3947

Admitted: New York 1997
Israel 2009
Special Interests
Prenups, Divorce, Divorce Mediation, Divorce Litigation, Child Custody, Return of Parentally Kidnapped Children, Wills, Estates, Continuing Power of Attorney  


Israel Law Team
Ariel Novick, Esq.
37 Pierre Koenig
Jerusalem 91533

Phone:  052-353-0042

Admitted: Israel 2009
Special Interests:  Eldercare and the Durable Power of Attorney, Real Estate, Notary, Wills & Estates, Labor Law, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law & Contracts, Corporate Law (formation of companies and non-profits), Intellectual Property Rights

Lazar-Paley, Raquel
LLM (Taxation)
9 Gilboa Street #6, Haifa 3271611
(by appointment only)

Phone (office): 077.700.9277
Fax (office): 077.470.2677
Cell phone: 054.940.1286

Admitted: California 1999, Israel 2011
Special Interests: Israel Wills and Probate, California Estate Planning and Administration (Wills, Trusts, Probate, Trust Administration), US Nonprofit Organizations, US Tax Controversy and Tax Disputes, US Tax Planning, US Exit Tax, US Foreign Investigations, US Financial Crime Investigation and Defense
All U.S. Services provided through:
Moskowitz, LLP, A Tax Law Firm 
1700 Broadway, 4th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 415.394.7200
Fax: 415.398.6501

Mann, Richard
20 Hagaaton Boulevard
Nahariya POB 384 Nahariya 22103

Phone (office):  04-992 5531
Fax (office): 04-992 9790
Cell phone:  054 481

Admitted: New Jersey 1990, Israel 1993
Special Interests: Real Estate, Wills & Estates, Contracts, commercial Law, Notary

Rinot, Judy
1 Schwartz Street,
Ra’anana 43212
Phone:  09 744 0110/2
Fax:  09 744 0114
Admitted: Israel 1984
Special Interests:  Real Estate Contracts, Inheritance, Wills, Notary, Enduring Power of Attorney, Tax and Estate Planning.


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