On the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, near the vital pass of Shaar Hagai (View map) where fierce battles raged in 1948, stands a forest established by the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel in conjunction with the Jewish National Fund.

The first trees were planted following the Six-Day War in 1967 to honor the memory of those olim from North America and members of their families who fell in Israel’s wars. The forest is a living memorial, an eternal link between the fallen fighters and the land they loved.  The scope has since been expanded to include those who fell in the pre-State days, as well as in terrorist attacks, including tourists and temporary residents. 

It serves as a site of remembrance and reflection for Israelis and visitors alike.  

Since before the establishment of the State, more than 300 American and Canadians have fallen in Israel’s wars, defensive actions, and terrorist attacks. Their sacrifice has preserved the State of Israel for the Jewish people.  

The AACI National Memorial Ceremony
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The annual AACI Memorial Ceremony honors the memory of North Americans, or their immediate family members, who have died while in service to the State of Israel or as victims of terror.  The ceremony is held every fall at the AACI Memorial Site in the Rabin Forest near the Sha’ar HaGai junction.  At the site stands a stone Memorial Wall on which are inscribed the names of more than 350 people, the earliest of which go back to the 1920’s.  

Wendy Bar Yakov and Julian Landau Co-Chairs, National Memorial Committee 
IMPORTANT:  Please see the updated instructions for entering the Memorial Site on the map below!