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Updated July 2022

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ALPERSTEIN, Eliezer CPA (USA, ISR.) & Associates

Tel:  972-8-853-1087
Fax: 972-8-957-3354 

Certifications: Licensed in both the U.S. and Israel, ITIN Certified Acceptance Agent; Services:  *U.S. and Israeli Tax Preparation; *501(c) (3) Nonprofit Tax Returns; *FBAR / Foreign Asset Reports; *Streamlined Filing Procedure; *IRS Audit Representation; *IRS Appeals; *Federal Tax Court Petitions; *Tax planning for New Olim; Serving clients throughout Israel

DEUTSCH, Alan R. CPA, MBA, APC Alan R. Deutsch & Associates

Beit Shemesh – Jerusalem: 02-999-2104
Tel Aviv – Petach Tikva Tel: 03-527-3254
Ra’anana – Netanya Tel: 09-746-0623
Efrat: 02-993 -7620

Cellular: 052-274-9999 
Fax: 077-318-2343

Alan R. Dutsch and Associates, CPA, has been servicing Olim for over 30 years.  It’s never too late to file prior years’ tax returns!

Our professional team will be happy to assist you with of all of your U.S. and Israeli tax needs:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns (U.S. & IS)
  • Foreign Bank Reports (FBAR)
  • IRS Streamlined Program
  • Audit Representation (U.S. & IS)
  • $1,400 U.S. Child Credit
  • Oleh Tax Planning (U.S. & IS)
  • Corporate Tax Compliance (U.S. & IS)
  • Estate and Trust Planning (U.S. & IS)
  • Investment Planning (U.S. & IS)
  • Bookkeeping Services (U.S. & IS)
  • Other Accounting Services

We have multiple office locations through Israel and we also offer home visits.

For a no-obligation quote, contact Alan Deutsch directly at 052-274-9999 or email

*** 15% discount for AACI members ***

SABINA FRIMMER  CPA (USA&IS) סבינה פרימר רו”ח


Cell (054) 747-8688 נייד
Tel/Fax 09-7412695 טל/פקס
PO Box 325 ת.ד.
Kfar Saba 4410202 כפר סבא 


Expertise in: 
*  Preparation of U.S. Federal State & Israeli Individual Tax Returns 
* FBAR reporting, FACTA compliance under Streamlined Method
* Languages spoken: Native English speaker and fluent Hebrew


32 Lechi Street, Israel 9785622

Mail Address:
POB 18715

Tel: 02-997-8460 – Office
Fax: 02-532-8122
Mobile: 050-640-9729
U.S mobile: 201-674-6980

Certifications:  CPA license in both New York State (NYS) and Israel. 
Memberships: New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA), National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), and Israeli Society of CPA.

Credibility Mark by Dan & Bradstreet:   Web Directory Listing

Income tax returns e-filer with both the U.S. and the Israeli tax authorities.

Services: Income tax returns for individuals and businesses. bookkeeping and payroll services. Certified financial statements for both the U.S. and Israel. Serves clients located throughout Israel and U.S.

Eli Jacoby CPA is a public accounting office, incorporated in Israel and fully owned by Eli Jacoby. 

EMCA Marcovich, Cohen – Certified Public Accountants
30 Derech Sheshet Nayamim, (Champion Building – 29th floor), Bnei Brak
Tel: 972-3-7316151
WhatsApp: 972-54-6759875 
Fax: 972-3-7316145 
Offices in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. USA office in New York
Certifications: CPAs in both US and Israel Services:  Computerized tax return (federal and all states); Social Security consultation and planning; formation of corporations and trusts in Israel and U.S.A.; individual and corporate tax and financial planning;  IRS & “MAS HACHNASA” representation ***AACI Members:  Every Monday -open line tax-related Q&A, no charge***

SADEH, Moshe
10 Hahistradrut
Jerusalem 94230

Tel: 02-624-6057
Fax: 02-623-6105

Services: Prepares US and Israeli taxes

(PW tax) Nachal Timnah, Ramat Beit Shemesh 99622

Tel:  077 228-5371 
Fax:  077 444-9678 

PW Tax and our U.S. Expat division Expat Tax CPAs specialize in:
Strategic planning and creative solutions for Olim Chadashim.
$1400/child tax credits continue for 2019.
FBAR: Reporting of Foreign Bank Accounts, W-9.
Israel – Personal and Corporate Tax Returns, Monthly Bookkeeping.

*PW Tax provides real American style customer service and attention to detail.
*We meet all US and Israeli accounting needs under the same roof, providing professional, quick, and personal service at competitive rates. 
*The staff is 100% fluent in English, which is unique for a firm that does both US and Israeli taxes in Israel.
*Most accounting firms file either US or Israeli taxes, but not both; things are much more likely to fall through the cracks when using two different firms for each.
*Even if there is only a need to file US tax returns and not Israel, using a firm that specializes in both ensures that a “holistic approach” will be taken to ensure that both US and Israeli tax ramifications are being taken into consideration.



Partner U.S. Tax Dept. 
15 Kanfei Nesharim, Beit Hateomim, 2nd floor Jerusalem 95464
7 Rival, Beit Amgar,
4th floor Tel Aviv 

Tel: 02-651-5155 or 02- 629-4272  US toll free: 888-372-7299
Fax: 02-651-5185
Certifications: CPA (US and Israel) Services: U.S. and Israel tax planning; pre-aliyah tax planning; U.S. and Israel tax return preparation; Israeli business planning and compliance.  UK tax planning and compliance. Languages: Firm of 80 English, Hebrew and French speaking professionals.


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