AACI’s Ambassador Project will connect people in Israel and the diaspora to raise awareness, open dialogue and dispel myths about Israel.  University students, hi-tech professionals, and community members who are interested in exchanging ideas and experiences will be paired for one-on-one Zoom conversations followed by panel discussions with high level speakers.  The project goals include humanizing the relationship between Israel and the diaspora, promoting a positive image of Israel, inspiring and creating new supporters of Israel, strengthening the English conversational skills of Israeli University students, and combating anti-Semitism.

AACI Student Connect (an Ambassadors program) pairs up Jewish students from Israel and around the world to begin conversations one-on-one via Zoom/WhatsApp: On one level, these conversations are for advancing mutual understanding and genuine friendships. On another, they are an opportunity for personal development – through engaging in “peer interviews,” self-assessment, storytelling, high-quality listening and peer-based problem-solving. Creative-dialogue prompts encourage the student pairs to explore real-world situations in order to provide their perspectives on: identity, Jewishness, and the future of the Jewish people; as well as the challenging topics of antisemitism and the misrepresentations of Israel, Israelis and Jews worldwide. We hope our participants will enjoy discussing their ideas together, and be uniquely able to encourage and strengthen one another. International students: Apply here! Israeli students: Apply here!

AACI’s Loans for Lone Soldiers Project will offer interest-free loans to people ages 21 – 30 from English-speaking countries who have completed the army or national service as lone soldiers and have been accepted into a recognized Israeli college, university or vocational program. AACI will provide financial assistance as well as free counseling, answering questions and concerns about life in Israel. The Loans for Lones project goals include assisting with the integration of olim into Israeli society, by giving them financial and emotional support that will enable them to thrive and remain in Israel, and building a stronger Israel by helping olim finish their studies and find employment in Israel. Apply here! 

For more information, please send an e-mail to: projects@aaci.org.il

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