2024 AACI Virtual Mini-Tours/Series 2

Monday, February 26, Ancient Synagogues in Israel
We will visit ancient synagogue sites of different architectural styles and historical periods and discover what they teach us about our forefathers and mothers. We will look at Jewish sources as well as archeological remains for this adventure. Guide: Aliza Avshalom

Hidden within the Old City of Jerusalem is a city unto itself. Behind a walled section of the Old City lies the Armenian Quarter. Usually closed to visitors, we will have a unique opportunity to enter this closed quarter along with a local resident for an insider’s tour of what lies within. We will visit the St James church dating back to the 12th Century, as well as walk through the alleyways to meet the people who live here. We will discover the early beginnings of Christianity in this area, and its connection to Armenia. Our tour will also take us to Mount Zion and the Armenian Church and cemetery. We will head up to the Room of the Last Supper, visit the Tomb of King David, and visit the nearby Dormition Abbey. Guide: Amy Ben-Dov

Monday, March 11, TZFAT – A Mystical City.
Explore the mystical city of Tzfat the birthplace of the Kabbalah. The city of dreamers and believers that upon their return to Zion in the early 1500’s, after they were expelled from Spain, brought Rabbis and leaders to the place that once was home of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the Rashbi. Tzfat and the mountains around it are where the Rashbi wrote the book of the Zohar, the Enlightenment, which became the basis of the Kabbalah of today. Join us as we explore the mystical synagogues and alleyways of the old city of Tzfat, tell stories of Kabbalists and mystics and learn about the legacy of the Rashbi and the great rabbis that followed him and created the Kabbalah and the city of Tzfat. Guide: Gadi Ben-Dov 

Monday, March 18, 150 years of agricultural development: from Mikve Israel to Aleph Farms
The extraordinary story of cultivating the land of Israel from 1870 until today (and beyond!) introduces us to some of the fascinating visionaries of the late 19th century wishing to revive the ancient landscapes of biblical eras, through the early decades leading up to statehood when solutions for feeding our growing population were needed, and on to the young entrepreneurs of the current era who have taken the concept “going green” to a whole new level – ever tried a steak produced by a 3D printer?? Guide: Jacky Sivak

Monday, March 25, Shushan Purim – no presentation

Monday, April 1, Life on the Edge
In this virtual tour we will “drive” along Israel’s northern border and visit sites from the beginning of Zionist settlement until today; enjoy the natural beauty; and meet the diverse populations of this northernmost region of Israel. The inhabitants are now displaced – so this will be an opportunity to show solidarity with those who live along Israel’s northern border.

Guide: Aliza Avshalom 

How did Israel become known as the Start-Up Nation? How has tech grown and changed since the early days of Israel’s beginnings and what innovations are impacting the world around us? We will discover various innovative concepts and their implementations around Israel. Guide: Gadi Ben-Dov

Monday, April 15, “The People of the Book”
Take a virtual tour of the recently opened National Library of Israel and glimpse some of its many treasures which transport us across time and space throughout the Jewish world. We’ll also look at the new location’s design, which received the highest ranking for its environmentally friendly construction, as well as the practical issues of moving (and storing!) the millions of items in the collection to their new home. Guide: Jacky Sivak

To register, contact Jeff Rothenberg at: conted@aaci.org.il


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