Important Tips & Helpful Links

In times of emergency, you need accurate information. The information below is compiled of links and tips taken from various websites, news outlets and the AACI Emergency Handbook.

Blood Donations
Magen David Adom
click for locations:

Emergency Numbers
Citizens Rights in an emergency situation (Hebrew)  (need to google translate if you do not know Hebrew)

Israel Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref)
This is the official address for Israeli citizens during these times:  / Phone: 104

Israel Police / Phone: 100 

MADA – Ambulance / Phone: 101

National Fire and Rescue Authority / Phone: 1299

Emotional Support
Association of the Deaf in Israel
Contact: +972 52-6033505 / Website:

Al-Anon Israel serves friends and family of alcoholics

Crises Intake for U.S. Citizens in Israel

Eran Hotline
Sponsored by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration to provide emotional support, is open for immigrants to Israel in English, Russian, Amharic, French and Spanish between the hours of 4pm and 9pm at *3201.  Website:

Ezer Mitzion
*psychological support: 1800808100
*special for people 60+: 1800802030 (between 8am and 8pm)
*want to volunteer?: 0732477777
*need medical equipment?: 036144500
*Bayt Cham: *9518
*Special professional hotline, for free, for boys, for girls, in English also: *8147, 24/7 *for more info:

Get Help Israel

Help Line for Holocaust Survivors
Number to call is *5105 or 03 5682651

Holocaust Survivors Help Line
*5105 or 03 5682651

Kav LaOved – Workers Hotline
Foreign aid workers are able to check regulations via this link:

Leket food Bank in Israel

Mashaabim Center
Parenting and family in an emergency:


Health Funds
Meuhedet *3833 – 3 for English
Maccabi *3555 – 4 for English
Leumit *507 – 4 for English
Clalit *2700 – 4 for English

Aliyah Resources
Local Aliyah Coordinators
Post-Aliyah Managers in your Jerusalem Neighborhood

City Coordinators for English speakers: 
Zichron Yaacov: 
Heidi Goldsmith  –   Liaison from the Zichron Yaakov Municipality to English-Speaking Olim   –

Smadar Porat  –  Coordinator of English Speakers Haifa Municipality –   04-9111408

Beer Sheva:
Hani Goldblatt – Coordinator of English Speaking Olim in Beer Sheva Municipality –  052 5712686

English News Resources:
Israel National News:
The Jerusalem Post:
The Times of Israel:
Arutz Sheva:

Other Helpful Resources:
Libby – Israel Digital Library
LIBBY for the Southern Evacuees Click here

Behavioral guidelines while driving a vehicle during sirens

Choosing a Protected Space – Pikud HaOref

How to explain the war to our children: A guide for parents

The Silent Radio Broadcast Stations Activated During Shabbat

Foreign Embassies in Israel
*U.S Embassy Jerusalem 
*Canadian Embassy Tel Aviv 
*British Embassy Tel Aviv
*Australian Embassy Tel Aviv

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