Library Hours
Sun – Thurs: 09:00-16:00

The AACI library offers a wide selection of books – all donated. We have fiction from contemporary titles to the classics, including classic murder mysteries. you can also find biography, Holocaust, Judaism, science fiction/fantasy and more on our shelves.

Attention readers returning books:
You may return library books when the library is closed by leaving them on the desk in the library. Please DO NOT heave books to return at the front desk of the AACI.

A charge of NIS 10:00  per book is requested.
For your convenience we offer a multi-purchase card as a service to readers.



Library Hours
Sun – Thurs: 09:30-12:00

What if your vision has deteriorated so that you can no longer read the books you love? Or what if a physical handicap makes it difficult for you to hold a book or to leave your home in order to acquire new reading material?

Anyone who has trouble reading regular print needn’t give up the pleasure of enjoying a good book. Located in the Jerusalem office of the AACI, the library serves English speakers from all over Israel.

What could be easier than to request books by phone or email, have them mailed to you free of charge, and return them in the same container postage free?

The library is a lifeline for English speaking visually or physically impaired book lovers. The collection includes “talking books” (audio-books in various formats) as well as large-print books. Subject matter includes fiction, suspense, biography, and other non-fiction. In addition, library members are entitled to request free large-print Jewish religious material such as Siddurim, Machzorim, Haggadot and Megillot.

Books may be ordered by mail, email, telephone or by visiting the library during opening hours. They can be borrowed for up to a month. Books are sent and returned by mail. A trail membership of NIS 50 for 3 months is also available.

Membership in the AACI library is NIS 150 annually for unlimited borrowing.  If you wish to join, please fill in the form below.

To find out how you can access the world of talking books, make a donation or work as a volunteer, call 02-5600912.

The AACI Library for the Visually Impaired & Homebound

Application Form

Please note that the E-library is NOT COMPATIBLE with a regular kindle.

For assistance, please contact the consultant, Rochelle Gilbert.

Use your AACI membership number to login to

Library Hours
Tues 10:00-12:00
Mon & Wed 16:00-18:00

To ensure that there are no more than three people in the library at one time, an appointment needs to be made to let the librarians know that you plan to come.  
Please contact Frieda Gilmour by phone, whatsapp or sms at 050-797-3766 to arrange your appointment.