Olim (new immigrants) in the first 10 years of aliyah are entitled to a recognized free city ulpan course. Check with your local Ministry of Absorption office regarding your eligibility and to receive a voucher for the ulpan in your area most suited to you. There are intensive ulpans which have classes 5 days a week, usually in the morning hours, for a period of 5 months. There are also non-intensive ulpans for retirees that are 3 days a week for a period of 10 months. Advanced ulpan classes are usually 3 days a week in the late afternoons. There are also live–in ulpans in Absorption Centers and kibbutzim where there is a fee for the accommodations.  For the live–in ulpans, please contact your Jewish Agency Shaliach to make arrangements before you make aliyah. 

City ulpans may have a set time of year when they begin new classes or they may open a class when there is a large enough demand (approximately 20 students). They also accept students on a rolling admissions basis if their level warrants it. For those living in outlying areas, classes are opened in the city which has the most demand, so the oleh must be in contact with the local Ministry of Absorption office to find out when and where the next class will be opened.  

On the following pages are ulpanim that are known to AACI.  Further information and advice on the various ulpanim can be received from a counselor at the AACI branch offices.

Be’hatzlacha in your studies! 

Visit AACI on the Internet: https://aaci.org.il 

Address Contact #s Comments
Tel Aviv University UlpanRamat Aviv   Schedule:Beginners Ulpan – June/July, 5 weeksShort Summer Ulpan (All levels), 4 weeksSummer Ulpan (All levels) – Aug/mid-Sept, 6-7 weeksWinter Ulpan – Jan/March, 4 weeks, Sun-Thurs morningsContact: Tamar intl@post.tau.ac.il, Jessica study@tau.ac.il Website: https://international.tau.ac.il/Hebrew_program_ulpan 
Ulpan Beit Hazani/Neve TzedekLilienblum 7 T: 03 687 9822F: 03 510 2274 For beginners’ ulpan and medical ulpan, contact: Yohani 03 517 0441For non-beginners’, contact: Tamara 03 517 3670Contact: Tali Gazetulpannevetzedek@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il 
Ulpan GordonLa Salle 7 T: 03 522 3181F: 03 524 2884 Schedule: Olim Sunday – Thursday, 8:15 – 12:45, Evening classes 17:00 – 20:15, twice a week. Tourists – 5 month course, 4 days a weekContact: Orly, ulpan.gordon@012.net.il 
Ulpan Beit BrodetskyBrodetsky 36Ramat Aviv T: 03 762 8435 Live-in apartments for students and external students, 5 month program.  Ulpan designed for single Olim aged 19-35 who hold a high school diplomaSchedule: Starts May and October. Contact Jewish Agency. Contact: Hana Gutman  Cell: 052 325 4958Email: beit.brodetsky@gmail.com Website: www.jewishagency.org/young-aliyah/program/1356
Ulpan Levinsky CollegeShoshana Persitz 15 T: 03 690 1661 Private and small groups.   All levelsContact: newulpan@levinsky.ac.il Contact: Doly Levi: dolylevi@walla.co.il
Ulpan La’Inyan T: 073 796 2228 Small groups or private lessons
Mercaz Kita Beit CanadaShavei Tsiyon 1 T: 08 852 1396 Open to residents of the Mercaz Klitah and olim living in close proximity.Aleph classes
Ulpan Mercazit (city)Atzma’ut 54 T: 08 855 9882F: 08 866 5474 Olim and touristsSchedule: Retirees Ulpan 3x a week  All levels
Matnas DaledHaShayatim 16 T: 08 855 2721 Olim and tourists.Schedule: Morning classes.   Aleph level.
Ulpan Bat YamRahav 7, Michelet, Bat Yam T: 03 552 0072F: 03 551 9877 Olim and tourists.Schedule: Morning 8:00-12:30. Evening 17:00 – 20:15. Seniors 13:30-16:45Contact: Director Hevda, Tues & Fri morningsContact: Raya BekerFor office only: rayabeker@walla.ac.il
Beit OlehGeulim 25 T: 03 556 8531, ext 103F: 03 550 7265 Olim and tourists. Visit the ulpan for more informationSchedule: Mornings 8:00-13:00. Evenings 17:00-20:15Website: www.holonet.co.il 
HaPorsim 18 T. 03 923 6530, 29 Contact: Nela 
Ulpan EtzionYair Stern 23, Ramla (Modiin and Center) T: 08 977 1858/1896 Must apply through the Jewish Agency. Ulpan for Olim college graduates ages 23-35, live in dorms and external students.Schedule: 5 month course starts February and September.Contact: Roman Feldstein romanp@ramla.muni.ilWebsite : www.jewishagency.org/ulpan-etzion/program/1541 hallaulpan@gmail.com
Michlala IronitGiborei Yisrael 2 T: 08 945 9365 Retirees only. All other olim go to Rishon.Schedule: Morning classes.
IDC Summer UlpanKanfei Nesharim 1 T: 09 960 2771 Private. Schedule: July 17 – August 25Aleph – Hay levels. For all, 18 years and upContact: Sarit, ulpanrris@idc.ac.il Website:http://portal.idc.ac.il/en/schools/rris/studentservices/pages/learn_hebrew.aspx
Kfar Saba Municipal UlpanGeller 4 T: 09 764 0701 Classes start from Bet levelSchedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 4 hour classes 8:30-12:30. Each day a different subject and teacher. Can take one, two, or three days a week.Contact: Nurit – nuritt@ksaba.co.il
Ulpan Etzion

T: 03 762 8360F: 09 771 3171 Live in dorms and external students. Private. Must apply through Jewish Agency.Schedule: 5 month course start March and SeptemberUlpan for olim college graduates ages 23-35Contact: OshraWebsite: www.jewishagency.org/ulpan-etzion/program/1531 Ulpanraanana10@gmail.com
Mercaz Klitah Ra’ananaHaSharon 13 T1: 09 774 4928T2: 09 774 5740F: 09 774 4928 Open to olim living in this absorption center and the absorption centers in the area. External students must get permission from Misrad HaKlitah to join the 5 month course.Schedule: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-12:30
Ra’anana Municipality CourseKeren Hayesod 75 T: 09 771 3161F: 09 771 2917 Private. Olim and tourists, non-intensive. Schedule: Twice a week. Annual course in September. All levels.  Contact: Orianna
Mercaz Rav Sherutim Le’ivrimAgra 28Tel Aviv 66024 T: 03 687 0798F: 03 639 1033  
Center for Deaf-BlindBeit Helen KellerSderot Yad Lebanim 13POB 9259Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv 61092 T: 03 730 3355 Schedule: Ulpan classes meet twice a week, 9-10 months of the year, for new olim to learn both Hebrew and Israeli sign language.Email: deaf-israel@barak.net.ilWebsite: www.deaf-israel.org.il/#!blank/cujn   
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