AACI Information Sheet

Updated September 2019

Please note: AACI cannot take responsibility for changes in policies, implementations or laws that may affect the accuracy of this information. 

Time Benefits and Obligations
Upon Arrival at the Airport Sal Klitah (The absorption basket of financial assistance) – the first payment is made in cash at the airport.  Then additional payments are paid directly into your bank account.
Upon Arrival at the Airport Receive your Teudat Oleh (immigrant booklet) and Teudat Zehut (identity card) at the Misrad HaAliyah VeHaKlitah (Ministry of Absorption).
Upon Arrival at the Airport Register for basic Health Insurance and choose your Kupah (Health Fund). 
Within 1st week In order to receive financial benefits, olim need to open a bank account shortly after arrival and give bank details to the local Misrad HaAliyah VeHaKlitah.  
Within 1st week If you haven’t done so at the airport, register for basic Health Insurance at the postal bank (small fee).  Sign up at the Kupah of your choice. 
Within 1st week If you haven’t received one at the airport, apply for your Teudat Zehut at Misrad HaPnim (Ministry of Interior).
3 months  Obtain a biometric Teudat Zehut at Misrad HaPnim.
3 months Automatic acquisition of Israeli Citizenship, unless declined.
8 months Begin period of eligibility for Rent Subsidy, if you do not own a residence.
Within 1st year Receive free year AACI membership upon payment of one-year membership (2 years for the price of 1).
12 months You are no longer allowed to drive on a foreign driver’s license.
13 months If you are not working or receiving a Bituach Leumi (National Insurance) allowance you must go to your local Bituach Leumi office and arrange for payment of your National Health Insurance.  
18 months End of first period of Income Tax Reduction, 3 additional credit points.
Within 24 months Utilize oleh discount on Arnona – municipal real estate tax. 
30 months End of second period of Income Tax Reduction, 2 additional tax credit points.
Within 3 years Eligible students must begin studies within 3 years from their date of aliyah to qualify for assistance from Minhal HaStudentim (Student Authority). There is an age limit.
Within 3 years Olim may convert their valid foreign driver’s license for an Israeli license. Please see AACI’s Information Sheet “Driving in Israel”.  
3 years End of period of Customs exemption on imported goods.
3 1/2 years(42 months) End of third and final period of Income Tax Reduction, 1 additional credit point.
5 years End of period of oleh Rent Subsidy.
7 years End of period of reduction on Mas Rechisha (real estate transfer fee).
10 years Olim are entitled to one course of free Ulpan.  
10 years Tax exemption for non-Israeli-source income and capital gains.
15 years End of Mortgage Rights