Siena VS Florence, a Beauty Contest

Siena VS Florence, a Beauty Contest

Siena VS Florence, a Beauty Contest

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Siena and Florence, two cities at the heart of Tuscany, have many things in common. They began to develop and grow at the same time and under the same patron, and because of that, there was always a great rivalry between them during history.

In this meeting we shall explore each city, while walking in their streets and experiencing different monuments and characteristics. We will then try to arrive at a consensus of which one of them can win this Beauty Contest, considering various criteria, among them Tradition, Art, Food, Treatment towards minorities and more.

This is AACI’s 7th lecture with Lior Aviv who is a graduate in art history (M.A. Dean’s Honors), working now on his PhD. Lior is also an authorized tour guide for Florence and Rome. During this lecture, we will remind ourselves how to see and feel art. We will do that not only through knowledge, facts and anecdotes, but also through our hearts and minds. Rediscovering this gift which is always within us, we’ll ensure that when you leave the beauty of Florence and /or Rome behind, you will take with you that which you have found within yourself and continue discovering throughout the world. Lior has also guided AACI groups in Florence. Don’t miss another exciting lecture!



Wednesday, May 05 2021


7:00 pm
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