Feldenkrais – Tel Aviv

Feldenkrais – Tel Aviv

AACI Tel Aviv

Restoring Optimal Mind-Body Functioning With Feldenkrais®
With Michal Ben Reuven M.A., C.F.T.

Why do babies and children move so naturally and freely?
When did we as adults lose this ability?
How can we regain it?

Join us on ZOOM on Sundays at 5pm.  Ongoing program.

Cost: NIS 160/month to be paid at the beginning of each month.

REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL:  Michal: 054-592 4714 / empower.mi@hotmail.com or AACI – 03-696 0389 / aacicentralregion@gmail.com

Feldenkrais® Awareness through Movement® helps you reclaim your ability to move with ease and comfort. It offers a break in the cycle of trying hard and encountering frustrations. It is an opportunity to pause, to observe, without judgment, your habits of thinking and moving, and to find what works best for you from within. It is also a pleasurable process!

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), an engineer and Judo master, developed this revolutionary method based (among many other things) on his observation that, paradoxically, when we let go of striving to reach a certain goal, we might find ourselves achieving it effortlessly. 

© Whoever you are –
© In whatever condition –
© With whatever personal history-
You can always learn to improve the quality of what you do.

The only requirement is to be able to lie on the floor and to be curious about the process.

Michal Ben-Reuven, M.A., C.F.T., is a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner and certified ABM® for children with special needs. She has academic degrees in psychology and counseling, and 15 years of dance training. Michal has applied these experiences since 1989 to help people deal with physical and emotional challenges.


July 12 2020


5:00 pm