AACI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AACI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Welcome to the AACI’s Annual General Meeting:

This year we will be launching a new and exciting direction for the organization encapsulated in the document called AACI into the future which was adopted by the Board.

As part of these changes see the following reports accepted by the Board and recommended for approval by the membership at the AGM:

  • Nominating Committee
  • Constitutional Amendments (Changes noted in red)

**AACI Into the Future**
For 70 years, AACI, an apolitical and non-denominational Zionist organization has supported Israel’s English-speaking immigrants with guidance, resources, and activities. In 2021 and beyond, AACI will utilize the strengths and talents of our vibrant community to focus on building a stronger Israel through unique projects to benefit Israeli society at large.  AACI Into The Future Document

Nominations Committee Report recommended by AACI’s board of directors to be voted upon at the AGM

President – Chana Weiss
VP of Operations and Projects – Marvin Stenge
VP of Aliyah and Klitah – Jeff Rothenberg
VP of Development – Sarah Weinstein
Secretary – Alan Green
Treasurer – Julian Landau

Board Members at Large:
Miriam Barth
Pnina Bordan
Judy Ann Cohen
Donna Grushka
Lesley Kaplan
Shira Katz
Yehoshua Looks
Akiva Werber
Saulie Zajdel

Standing Committee Chairs (non-voting members of the Board):
Membership – Elizabeth Homans
Personnel – Jan Sokolovsky
Communications and PR – Yael Kaner

Approved Signers (2 signers are required):
David London
Israela Friedgut
Judy Ann Cohen
Marvin Stenge
Julian Landau

Constitutional Amendments:
Constitution V3 with comments

AACI’s 2020 Audited Financial Statement (English version):Financial Statements 2020 English

AACI’s 2020 Audited Financial Statement (Hebrew version): Financial Statements 2020 Hebrew

Accountants Recommendation 2020 (Hebrew version): Accountants Recommendations 2020 (Hebrew)

Summary of the Control Body Report 2020 (English): summary of the control body report english

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Tuesday, July 13 2021


4:00 pm

The event is finished.

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