Pre-Aliyah Services

AACI's Pre-aliyah Department is happy to provide up to date information services to potential olim, Aliyah Shlichim from the Jewish Agency, JAFI Community and Movement Shlichim, and tourists.

We work in close cooperation with the Aliyah Department of the Jewish Agency. All of their representatives know they we can be their partners on behalf of the successful aliyah and klitah of North Americans.

How do we assist?

Information sheets on a wide variety of topics are updated and are available to olim, and AACI members in Israel, as well as potential olim and Shlichim throughout North America. We respond directly to specific inquiries from shlichim by e-mail, faxes, and mail. These questions are researched and answered as quickly as possible. We also answer all individuals, potential olim and tourists, who send their questions directly to AACI. By assisting these potential olim and tourists, we have increased our AACI Overseas Membership, and hope that once members know how much we can be of help, they will maintain their AACI membership once settled In Israel.

Our motto is: A planned Aliyah is a successful one. We try to assist the potential olim by responding to their questions before making aliyah, and hope having appropriate information in advance will help make their aliyah a success!

Email us at info@aaci.org.il  

Counseling Services in Israel

We also believe that excellent counseling makes for successful absorption in Israel. Our AACI Counseling Services offer the oleh, oleh "vatik", tourist, or potential oleh the facts and guidance they need to know about living in Israel.

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