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It is up to the oleh to register for an ulpan. Intensive ulpanim, run by the government or municipalities, generally run Sundays through Thursdays, from 08:00 or 08:30 until 12:30 or 13:00. Generally, the Ministry of Absorption may provide tuition for 5 months of studies in one of these intensive ulpanim. The oleh is eligible for this assistance within the first 18 months after arrival in Israel (under extenuating circumstances, such as birth or illness, the oleh is eligible for up to a year). Check with your local Ministry of Absorption office regarding your eligibility or to receive a referral to register at a subsidized ulpan. Many of the Absorption Centers also offer ulpanim and there are also some private intensive ulpanim where you may not be eligible for the subsidy. Please note that there is a subsidized rental fee to stay at an Absorption Center and on Kibbutz Ulpan. Please ask your shaliach for prices.
Non-intensive ulpanim run mornings, afternoons, or evening 2 to 3 times a week depending on the individual ulpan. Sometimes the individual ulpan offers a tuition discount to olim. These ulpanim can be private or municipally/government run. Olim who find employment right away often attend the non-intensive evening ulpanim in order to be able to work at the same time.
Intensive and non-intensive ulpanim may have a set time of year when they begin new classes, or may accept students on a rolling admissions basis. For those living in outlying areas, classes may be arranged where it is difficult to travel.
On the following pages are ulpanim that are known to AACI. Further information and advice on the various ulpanim can be received from a counselor at the regional AACI branches.
Be'hatzlacha in your studies!

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