AACI Loans & Scholarship Programs
Robert & Debbie Zober Loan Fund

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman, AACI is pleased to announce the creation of a new interest-free loan fund for the purpose of assisting English-speaking immigrants find work in Israel by helping them retrain or to fund other work-related expenses. 

The loans will be available to cover expenses of courses or certificate, recognized by the Ministry of Trade, Health or Education; programs of study of up to 10 months; and programs that demonstrate reasonable possibility of job placement after completion of the course. The fund may also be used for one-time employment-related expense which increases the potential earning power of the applicant
The loans are open to Olim from English-speaking countries who are members of AACI
The loans are interest free, and are administered within the framework of AACI loan funds which have been helping olim since 1965. 
To apply for the loan, applicants should contact an AACI klitah counselor who will explain all of the requirements, give out forms and manage the application process
For more information – info@aaci.org.il
The Ness Negev Business Loan Fund
This fund was established to assist small businesses in the Negev, with the broader aim of creating jobs and accelerating economic activity in Israel's southern region. By providing resources for economic development, regional growth, and the creation of critical new jobs, the fund was designed to provide burgeoning entrepreneurs with initial capital and professional mentoring to help them realize their business vision, bringing prosperity and vision to the underdeveloped Israeli Negev.
An example of the Ness Loan Fund at work:
Helping a young man renovate his paint store and purchase business equipment
The fund was initially started by the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey and today the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is proud to be a partner with them.
AACI and The Miami Federation recently agreed to repurpose funds from the AACI Miami Mortgage fund to increase the assets of this fund. As a result of this agreement, AACI members from the southern region have priority access to business loans from this fund.
Your first point of contact is Miriam Green.
We sincerely hope that our members in the South make use of this new opportunity.

AACI Emergency Loan Funds

AACI administers 19 interest-free emergency loan funds, that were set up by various Jewish Federations and organizations in North America.  Loans are granted following an application process that asseses both the need and the ability to repay.  AACI members should speak to their local counselor to confirm eligibilty and get forms.

AACI- Jewish Federations of Canada UIA Scholarship Fund
AACI and UIA scholarship fund is intended for Israeli citizens holding Canadian citizenship as well, who are studying towards a Bachelors Degree at recognized universities and colleges in Israel and volunteer during the year of study.
Each student is eligible to receive up to 3,000 NIS.  New immigrants who made aliyah within the past five years are eligible to receive an additional 1,500 NIS.
  • Application form completed in full*
  • Proof of Israeli and Canadian Citizenship
  • Proof of completion of army service or sherut leumi.
  • Letter of acceptance into a recognized institution of higher education in Israel
  • Proof of payment of tuition
  • Proof of volunteer work in the framework of “Perach” for 2017/2018 school year only.
  • All materials must be submitted electronically
On-Line registration for scholarships for 2017/18 is now closed for this school year
Please do not phone with questions but write to: Canada-Scholarship@aaci.org.il
 Beit Oleh America/AACI Netanya Scholarship

AACI Netanya is very proud to be the administrator of three post high school scholarship funds 

The Zvi and Rose Sabath Memorial Scholarship Fund was established specifically to aid needy IDF graduates in obtaining a higher education. Although the Sabaths are no longer with us, their memory lives on in the mitzvah this fund provides.

The Geraldine Bork Memorial Scholarship Fund distributes scholarships to needy and deserving students earning degrees in engineering and technical fields.

The Judith Fink Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up by the Fink family in memory of their daughter. It grants financial assistance to talented students wishing to study music or the arts at a post-high school level.

Additionally, AACI is very proud to be the administrator of a high school scholarship fund
The Bessie Render Memorial Scholarship Fund benefits deserving elementary, junior and high school students. During the last few years the Fund has also helped local schools finance special projects. 

The committee realized that many AACI members struggle to provide their children with quality education and  takes its responsibility very seriously. Members thoroughly review all applications, only applications from current AACI members (parents or grandparents only) will be accepted. 

Scholarships are for academically recognized first degrees only.  The scholarships are not for Masters nor for pre-academic studies. Scholarship forms will be available from the beginning of July and they must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee, AACI Netanya Region, by September 15 of each year. To receive a scholarship form, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope with a photocopy of your AACI membership card to Scholarships, Beit Oleh America, POB 2517, Netanya 42122.
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