Driving in Israel for the Disabled Oleh
The disabled Oleh must go to the local Femi Premium or Teldor office (depending on which area you live) to exchange their license. In addition to the road test the disabled person will be referred to a special guidance course at a driver’s institute of the Ministry of Transportation (Misrad Hatachbura), that will provide instruction on what kind of special requirements the disabled person must have for his/her car (hand controls etc.) For branches for both offices: click here  
Once the disabled Oleh has his/her driver’s license and his/her Nachut, (disability) has been determined, he/she may be eligible for a car allowances from the Nayadut (mobility) department of Bituach Leumi. The Oleh should call before going to the Nayadut Department to make sure that someone is available to meet with you and check to make sure what to bring.
Parking Permits – Disabled
A "disabled" parking sticker allows disabled people to park in no parking zones where there are no vacant parking spaces and no special parking arrangements for the disabled. The special parking sticker is issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to people who are classified as being:
  • At least 60% disabled
  • Those whose health could be harmed if they are forced to move around without a car
  • People in wheelchairs who need a car for basic mobility.
In order to apply for this parking permit (Tav Nacheh) the following must be submitted at the regional Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Misrad HaRishui) or mailed to
Misrad HaRishui, Machleket Mugbalim V’Nayadut'
POB 72, Holon 81000 
  • A medical evaluation of the applicant signed by the family doctor
  • A copy of teudat zehut
  • A copy of current, valid driver's license
  • A copy of car registration
  • A letter requesting the Tav Nacheh
  • Other documents may be requested
This material will go to a committee at the regional Misrad HaRishui. The procedure takes up to 3 months, after 6 weeks you may call *5678 to inquire about the status of your request.
In the event that the applicant no longer has a valid driver's license or his/her name does not appear on the car registration, the license and registration of the fully disabled spouse must be submitted. Once the committee approves the application, the necessary changes are made on a newly issued driver's license and car registration. A handicapped person is entitled to register two cars on his special permit. The cars do not have to be owned by him, but must be for his personal use. Thus, a parking sticker for a second car can be issued for a vehicle owned by the disabled person himself, his employer, a relative, driver, or kibbutz.
A disabled oleh over the age of 65 receives a tag for his own car only, and only if he/she can drive the car by him/herself.
Following are addresses of regional offices of Misrad HaRishui. Website: http://www.mot.gov.il
1 HaTnufa Road, Talpiot Industrial Area
Clal Building, 97 Yaffo Street
1 HaLochamim Street
12 Edison Street, Haifa Bay
33 Sderot Shazar, Beit Noam
Hadarim Mall, (2nd fl.), 2 Hakadar Street
Misrad HaRishui is open to the public Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 – 13:00 and Sunday and Thursday afternoons from 16:00 - 18:30. 
Misrad HaRishui has a Central Information Service – 1 222 5678 or *5678.
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