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Special Education
It is always recommended to research the available services before making aliyah.  AACI and your local shaliach can help, and the following resources should enable you to provide yourselves with a good deal of information.  Please also see AACI's Information sheets on schools and useful addresses for municipalities and their phone/fax numbers.
AACI has partnered with the Shira Pransky Project to successfully present a range of medical-oriented information to our members. As such, we recommend that you visit their website at http://shirapranskyproject.org to read translated material that will be of importance to families with special needs children.  Here are two additional links provided by the Shira Pransky Project:
Special Education services, which are administered through individual municipalities, are free for children between the ages of 3 - 18 if they are in special education classes or schools.  Special education services administered by non-municipal frameworks are not free in regular schools.  Most cities and towns throughout Israel have a department for special education, whose Education Placement Bureau (Va’adat HaSama) assesses each case and helps make a decision as to the most appropriate educational placement.  It is important to remember to have photocopies of all medical reports, school reports and assessments.
Organizations and agencies that may be helpful:
Before Aliyah
Rosh Pina is a mainstreaming network which was established in 1992 in order to foster acceptance and mutual respect between groups of children who are different.  Rosh Pina serves approximately 1500 children at schools and community centers throughout Israel in a variety of ongoing integrative social activities.  One of their projects is “Aliyah Support” - a service that, for a fee, assists families with a special-needs member planning aliyah by locating appropriate services and providing support groups.  For further information:
Director: Chana Zweiter
P.O.B 10163 Jerusalem 01101
Tel/Fax: 02 561 2072   Fax: 02 940 9501
Upon Aliyah
Aleh was established in 1982 by a group of parents determined to give their severely disabled children the best available care, as well as the opportunity to develop to their full potential. 
Their approach and steadfast commitment has since changed the face of rehabilitative care in Israel.  Today, Aleh is Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities.  Approximately 650 children throughout the country receive state-of-the-art medical, educational and rehabilitative care in four facilities: Jerusalem, Gedera, Bnei Brak and the Negev.  In addition, Aleh provides some 32,000 outpatient sessions to children with milder disabilities who are able to live at home.
Thanks to Aleh, these children are able to live in much the same way as non-disabled children: by attending school, participating in vocational training programs, and enjoying activities such as swimming at the beach or touring the countryside.  Integration programs and activities involving family, volunteers, school children and IDF soldiers promote acceptance and inclusion of the disabled within the community at large.
Aharonvitz 12   P.O.B. 435   Bnei Brak 51103
Tel: 03 671 1888   Fax: 03 671 1880
The Chimes in Israel
The Chimes, one of the United States' largest and most respected non-profit agencies assists people with developmental disabilities and other barriers to independent living.  Chimes serve and support clients and their families with the following programs: infant stimulation, early childhood intervention, family support with caregivers to help the children cope with the challenges which developmental disabilities can present, day rehabilitation programs, adult education programs and physical educational programs.
Rechov HaArad 13 Tel Aviv 69710
Tel: 03 644 2427   Fax: 03 647 4047
Kesher is an information, counseling and support center for parents of children with special needs. Kesher helps parents to get a tailor-made intervention with much emotional support to overcome the bureaucratic problems of a fragmented system of services.  It provides a one-stop source of comprehensive and centralized information combined with a problem-solving approach sensitive to the complexity of parental needs.  Kesher acts as a two-way bridge between parents and service providers.
Director Tammy Krispin: tami@mrkesher.org.il, Support Line: 1700-501-601
Jerusalem Branch Tel. 02 6236116  Email: info@mrkesher.org.il
Central Branch Tel. 03 5282518, Email: Telaviv@mrkesher.org.il
South Branch Tel. 08 6289142, Email: beersheva@mrkesher.org.il
North Branch Tel. 04 8596439  Email: haifa@mrkesher.org.il 
Tzachi is an organization whose aim is to see that the rights of all children with special needs in education are fulfilled.  Tzachi works side by side with parents and trains them to be advocates, and represent parents whose children are called before the placement and appeals committee.  Tzachi consults with professionals to evaluate the needs of the child and proceeds to look for the school best suited to the child's needs anywhere in the country.
Director: Chaya Jagoda
POB 80 Moshav Udim 42905
Tel:  09 865 5203   Fax: 09 865 9082
Beineinu connecting Jewish Parents of Children with Special Needs: http://www.beineinu.org 
Deena Weinberg Israel Office - Tel. 072 230 5368.  Email: deena@beineinu.org.
ADHD International.  Website: www.adhdintl.wordpress.com
Leshem, the nonprofit Association for the Advancement of Learning Disabled Students in Higher Education in Israel aims to ensure equality of opportunity for students with learning disabilities, so as to enable them to realize their true potential.  The professional staff of Leshem runs the organization and directs its activities. The staff consists of educators and psychologists with extensive experience in working with persons who have learning disabilities.
P.O.B. 4403 Jerusalem 91044
Phone: 052 365 9956.  Telefax: 09 749 8001
Mercaz Netiv Centers that treats children and adults with ADHD
Website: http://www.nativ-adhd.co.il. Email address for questions – info@nativ-adhd.co.il
Emek Refaim 62, Jerusalem.  Tel. 02 633 7200, 02 567 0547
Yigal Alon 90, Tel Aviv.  Tel. 03 624 6661
Nitzan - For the Advancement of Children with Learning Disabilities
Netanya Branch  09 8615599, 09 8628999  Nitzan Center,  03 5372270
Tel Aviv Diagnostic Center  03 5372266  Ahuva  ext.1  Rami Gertler
Modiin Branch  052-367-6943,  Email: nitzan.modiin@gmail.com
Director: Ruchama Avraham
Onim Residential Center in Kfar Saba  09 7454223  Director: Rachel Regev    
Seeach Sod, Israel's Leading Center for Special Education is a leading special education organization in Jerusalem for the religious public with over 40 years of experience.  It provides a wide range of educational and rehabilitative services to children and adults with intellectual impairment.
Rehov Yirmiyahu 31, P.O.B. 5788 Jerusalem, 91057 Tel: 02 640 5000
English Speaking Contact:  Mrs. Leah Mendelowitz  Tel: 02-640-5010
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