Inheritance Shipment
A person who has no rights left as an Oleh and who wishes to bring in an "inheritance lift" must produce a copy of the testator's will as well as a copy of the death/burial certificate, which must be authorized by a legal entity.  The legal papers must be notarized by a lawyer licensed in Israel.  The inheritor must also show his/her rental or purchase home contract to confirm the address that the shipment will be delivered to.  When the shipment arrives, all these documents must be produced in order to release the shipment.
Before release of the shipment however, an assessment of the goods will be made by the customs officer at the port.  Be sure to have an exact itemized list.  All goods must be used items.  The shipment will then be released after payment of Customs duties and VAT on the items.  Inherited items are exempt from purchase tax.
If the inheritor wishes to check what the customs assessment will be before contemplating shipment, please send an itemized list to: National Customs Office
5 Bank of Israel St.
P.O.B. 320
Jerusalem 91002
Tel: 972-2-666-3789  Fax: 972-2-666-3819
Contact person:      Mr.Yossi Steinmitz, Director,
                              Personal Import Division
Alternatively, one can write directly to the Personal Imports Division via email: Yishi@customs.mof.gov.il
Customs Authority website: www.mof.gov.il/customs/eng/mainpage.htm
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