Teen Oleh Survival Guide

 Welcome to Israel!

Congratulations on deciding to make aliyah with your family. We hope your integration process will be smooth and enjoyable. Israel has so much to offer you in terms of educational and social opportunities. We know that at times it is difficult to access information about these opportunities so we have compiled for you this resource manual. We have provided a guide which includes information about all types of programs and activities that we feel may interest you, as an Anglo teen oleh.
We have compiled this guide in English to make the information easily accessible to you. However, please note, many of the activities listed will be conducted in Hebrew, as indicated. The activities listed here take place in areas densely populated with Anglo families, and have been categorized by activity, not location.
We welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions for programs to be included in future editions of the guide. Please contact us at teenolehsurvivalguide@gmail.com.
Best of luck in the years to come, we hope you get a lot of use from the guide.
Elinor Kaufman, Julie Lehmann Weisman, Cynthia White
Co-Creators of Teen Oleh Survival Guide
Community Leadership and Philanthropy Studies, M.A. 2010
Greetings from AACI
AACI – the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel - has been offering English speakers accurate information and good advice for almost 60 years. 
We understand how olim at different ages and stages have different interests, concerns and needs, and know how important it is for everyone to connect to the specific information that helps build a new life in Israel. Therefore, it has been a particular pleasure to cooperate with this talented team of students who developed this Teen Oleh Survival Guide. We hope this guide will meet the specific needs of teens and their families and help them connect successfully to the resources that will enrich their lives. We are proud to have played a small role in bringing this project to fruition.
You are invited to learn more about AACI at www.aaci.org.il join our growing family and take advantage of all of our programs and services!
Josie Arbel, Director of Klitah Services
Disclaimer: All information contained in this guide is updated and correct as of June 2010. Every effort has been made to provide the most update and complete information possible for each program.
Community Centers/Neighborhood councils
Every community in Israel has a Matnas (community center), which provides extensive programming in many of the areas we are covering in this guide. For the sake of this guide we have highlighted a number of activities provided by the matnasim in the different sections that may be of interest to you. Below please find a list of the centers in areas most densely populated by Anglos. If a Matnas in your neighborhood is not listed here rest assured that one does exist and you can ask others in your community or your Aliyah counselor for its contact details. 
Youth Movements
Many teens in Israel are involved in a youth movement. The activities usually take place on Tuesday afternoons and over Shabbat. The Youth movements are usually affiliated with different Jewish denominations. Included in this guide are groups affiliated with the reform, conservative and orthodox movements, as well as some non-affiliated groups. Please use the contact information below to register.
Location: Ezra has chapters in cities all over Israel including Jerusalem, Efrat, Givat Shm,uel, Ra'anana, Petah Tikvah, Modiin and Beit Shemesh. National Office: Beit Hadfus 11, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys and Girls separate
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: 02-537-1640
Description:  Ezra is a national religious Zionist youth movement.  It emphasizes Torah values and separates the boys and girls (although the staff work together).  They have regular meetings on Shabbat afternoons and during the week, with tiyulim (trips) throughout the year.
Location: all over Israel, 17 different branches
Boys/Girls/Mixed: mixed    
Ages: 8-18
Language: Hebrew (staff members speak English)
Time frame: Tuesday 17:00-19:00
Contact Information: 02-5658022
Description: NOAM (an acronym for Noar Masorti- Masorti Youth) is the youthmovement of the Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel. There are 17 chapters of NOAM located throughout Israel. Members come together weekly in their local chapters for activities based on Jewish values, Masorti and pluralistic Judaism, holidays, scouting skills and fun. National activities, including field trips, seminars and Shabbat retreats, take place throughout the year and bring together NOAM members from all over the country.
Noar Telem
Location: Jerusalem, Modiin, Mevasseret Zion and National activities
Boys/Girls/Mixed: mixed    
Ages: 9-18 
Time frame:
Weekly Meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays+ special seminars and Trips. Website: www.noartelem.org.il
Contact Information
: Leora Ezrachi- Vered- 054-77911142- National Educational DirectorDamian Kelman- Director, Kol Haneshama, Jerusalem- 054-813038 Asaf Barki- Director, Mevasseret Zion- 052-8495407Michal Hoffman- Director, Modiin- 054-7791005
Description: Noar Telem is the Youth Movement of IMPJ and holds weekly educational activities for ages 9-18. The movement centers around seminars, trips and summer camp, creating a community of teens committed to a Israeli- Reform experience. Noar Telem keeps in close contact with Netzer- Olami- the Reform International Youth Movement, emphasizes social action and Tikkun Olam while creating opportunities to experience a religious and Israeli experience.
Tzofim (Scouts)
Location: Across Israel
Boys/Girls/Mixed: mixed  
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew            
Contact Information: 03-630-3666: head office with English phone menu; 02-679-1463: Scouts Jerusalem
Description: The Tzofim is the only major youth movement that has religious and secular members and holds joint activities for them in order to build bridges of understanding for over 10,000 Tzofim every year. This is a non-denominational Zionist youth movement which actively includes mentally and physically challenged youth and teens in their activities.  There are many chapters around the country.
Bnei Akiva
Location: all over Israel
Boys/Girls/Mixed: mixed   
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: Has Jerusalem chapters receptive to Anglos in:
Jerusalem, Efrat, Bet Shemesh, Ma'aleh Adumim: 02-679-6992/4
Yehoshua Yavin 17 Jerusalem
Has Dan region chapters receptive to Anglos in:
Ra'anana, Givat Shmuel, Petah Tikva, Modi'in
03-7310668, 03-731-2514
Amishav 33 Yad Eliyahu Tel Aviv
Description: B'nei Akiva is a religious Zionist youth group which has branches located in almost every neighborhood in Israel.  Above please see a list of some of the branches that have a significant number of English speaking members and staff.  If your region is not listed here, you can find the contact information for your region on the website.
Theater Groups
There is an active Anglo theater community in Israel.  Listed below are a number of groups located around the country that produce both musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.  
Encore Educational Theater Company Location:
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed           
Ages: All
Language: English Contact Information: Robert Binder 054-546-4215 Description: English Musical Theater that produces two shows per year, including one Gilbert and Sullivan. 
JEST (Jerusalem English Speaking Theater)
Location: JEST, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed    
Ages: All ages depending on the play.
Language: English  
Contact Information: Rachel Keene 02 - 6731813
Description: JEST is a non-profit English speaking theatre group that puts on plays for the English speaking audience of Jerusalem and its environs.  They usually put on 3 or 4 productions a year.  JEST is always looking for young people to work both on stage and behind the scenes.
Mercaz Hamagshimim
Location: 5 Rechov Tzipporah, Baka, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed    
Language: English
Contact Information: Rafi Poch 02-672-2405 ext 113
Description: A community center providing Aliyah information, volunteering opportunities, a theater for performers and volunteers and an arts cultural center.
Hillel Theater Workshop in Hebrew 
Ages: 17+ 
Language: English
Contact Information: Michael Berl, 02-582-0231
Description: Musical Theater producing 1-2 shows per year.
Israel Musicals
Location: Jerusalem Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed  
Ages: All
Language: English 
Contact Information: Yisrael Lutnick, 052-377-2457
Description: Musical theater.
Raise Your Spirits Theater Group 
Location Efrat Boys/Girls/Mixed
Ages: All 
Website: www.raiseyourspirits.org 
Contact Information: Toby Klein Greenwald, 02-993-1102 toby@wholefamily.com
Description: Musical theatrical productions based mainly on biblical stories produced approximately once a year. Rehearsals take place over the summer, and shows are put on throughout the year.
Women in Theater (WIT)
Location: Modiin Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls                     
Ages: All
Contact Information: Tamara Weiss, founder, s_weiss@netvision.net.il, 0546391758, 08-9718063.
Description: New Women’s theater group which put on musical theater productions periodically. All ages. Women only.
Boys/Girls/Mixed:  mixed      
Ages 13+
Language: Shows are in English.  Instructions are in English and Hebrew  
Time frame: First meeting of the season is on last Thursday of August.  Rehearsals then take place up to 3 times a week until the performances, with more nearer the time of performances.  Performances are from about mid February to Mid March.
Contact Information: Frieda Gilmour, 08-641-4081
Description: LOGON produces 1 fully staged musical each year, in English. (see Time Frame).  New members are auditioned to ensure they can sing/dance/and or act.  Full commitment is required to attend every rehearsal for which the performer is called over the 6-month rehearsal period.  Rehearsals take place in Beer Sheva and we encourage membership from a radius of no more than a 45 minute drive.  LOGON is also always looking for new people to join.
Art, Crafts, and Music Activities
Many of the activities listed below take place in community centers around the country, while others are in private studios or with private teachers. They are on varying levels and everyone who is interested in art or music should be able to find an activity that suits their needs.
: Magen Ha Elef Matnas, Maalot Dafna, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys                   
Ages: 12-13
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: 02-532-2529/2816 
Israel MuseumLocation
Ruppin Blvd, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed                        
Ages: 12- 18
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: 02-677-1303, 02-670-8961 
Description: Various art classes at the Israel Museum, including photograph, drawing, painting and sculpting. Includes special art project for Arab and Jewish Youth
Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
Givat Ram Campus, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed                  
12- 18
Language: Hebrew
Website: www.jamd.ac.il 
Contact Information: 02-655-0422
Description: Choir and music lessons. By audition.
Creative Voice Studio.
Location: 117/11 Maalot Dafna, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys                
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew/English
Contact Information: Eliyahu Zohari 050-538-0807, 02-532-1546.
Description: A unique combination of voice training, music lessons (all instruments), movement and theater arts, speech therapy and music therapy will help you become a better musician and build your confidence and self esteem.
Ashira Voice Program 
: Har Nof, Ramat Shlomo, Ramat Bet Shemesh. 
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls               
Ages: All
Language: English
Contact Information: Tamara Rubin, 02-540-0330, 054-842-7122
Description: Private or Group voice lessons, one hour a week throughout the year. Participants will get to record their song(s) in our recording studio and take home a CD as well as perform in our end of the year show.
Voice and Chazzanus Classes
Location: Jerusalem and Ramat Bet Shemesh
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys                       
Ages: Bar Mitzvah and up. 
Language: English
Contact Information: Moshe Berk, 054-846-3501 
Description: Certified voice teacher from Rubin Academy of Music and Tel Aviv Cantorial school. Voice lessons as well as hoarseness therapy for men and boys.
Kol Shira Choir 
: Har Nof, Romema, Ramat Eshkol, Ramat Bet Shemesh. 
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls               
Ages: All 
Language: English
Contact Information: Raya Shulman, 02-540-2454, 052-573-5550
Description: Kol Shira gives you the opportunity to use your unique musical gifts in an enjoyable inspiring and professional atmosphere. Express- the meaning of the music and perform for female audiences across the country.
Photography Classes
Location: Ramot with field trips to places around Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed:  Girls                
Ages: All
Language: English  
Time frame: Series of 10 Classes, once a week, each class is around 1.5 hours, the exact day and time is flexible depending on the needs of the students
Contact Information: Michal Lever: 054-815-7424, michallever@gmail.com
Description: Photography class for religious girls and women in Jerusalem. The classes focus on how to maximize the camera’s functions, how to measure exposure, and composition. The class includes field trips to various places around Jerusalem.
Carpentry and Wooden Toys and Games
: 12 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, The ICCC (International Community and Culture Center)
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed  
Ages: Up to 8th grade
Website: www.m-tarbut.org.il
Contact Information: 02-566-4144/5
Our Voice, HaKol Shelanu, Teen Concert
Location: Maalei Adumim Matnas
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed  
Ages: 7th-12th grade
Language: Hebrew
Description: If you’ve got singing or musical talent, call this number to audition for this great teen event. 02-5913112
Music Club and Recording Studio, Moadon Musica
Location: Maalei Adumim Matnas
Boys/Girls/Mixed:   Mixed
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: Ariel 02-591-3111, 054-659-9497
Description: Music club and recording studio.
JACK Music Club, Moadon Musica
Location: Modiin
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed  
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: jackmusicclub@gmail.com
The Baka Matnas Offers Teens-
Ceramics, beading, oil painting, and voice training
Contact: Shira Vidra 02-6734237
The Efrat Matnas Offers Teens-
Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Recorder, Violin, Guitar, Base, Drums and Voice Lessons.
Cooking, Cartooning, Jewelry Making, Sewing & Embroidery, Painting, Electronics, Cake Decorating, Chess, Ceramics, Arts & Crafts, Carpentry, Theater, Model Airplane Making Chuggim.
Contact: Ori Gottleib 0507-248578
The libraries here are included in the guide because they all have large English selections. The lending libraries listed here are often private collections that people are offering to the public for a small fee. Others are public libraries.  If you don’t see one listed in your area, please go to your local library where you should be able to find a limited selection of English books.
Jewish National Library
Location: Givat Ram Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Time frame: Hours- Sun- Thurs 9:00am - 7:00 pm
Contact Information: 02-658-5027
Descriptions: The largest and most extensive library in Israel.
Amit/AACI Lending Library
Location: AACI’s Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center,
37 Pierre Koenig/ 2 Poalei Tzedek 4th floor, Talpiot Jerusalem
Time Frame: Sunday-Thursday, 8:30-4:00
Contact Information: 02-566-1181
Description: For members of AACI & Amit, or non-members can pay 75 shekel per year with the ability to take out up to 4 books per month.
Smith Family Lending Gemach
Location: Rabbi Akiva 20/2, Beitar
Contact Information: 02-580-7581
Description: 30 shekel membership for 6 months. Can take 2 books at a time for 2 weeks.
Har Nof Jewish Library
Location: 22 Katznellenbogen or Mishkelov 15/3. Call before coming.
Contact Information: Galit Bar Or 02-651-8186
Description: 65 shekel membership per year
Bayis U Menucha Lending Library
Location: Nesivos Hamishpat 33. Kiryat Sefer
Time frame: Hours: Sunday and Wednesday 10-11:30 am, 9-10 pm. Open for men only Thursday 10-11 pm
Contact Information: 08-979-1094
Description: Over 2,000 English Judaica books.
Magen Avot /Lending Library
Location: 46 Shaulzon in the Miklat, Har Nof
Time frame: Hours: 7:30-9:00pm Monday and Wednesday, 10:30-11:30am Tuesday.
Contact Information: Ilana Shalom, 02-653-6236
Description: Over 2,000 English books as well as Hebrew children’s books. 40 shekel per year to take one book at a time, 80 shekel for two books at a time.
Meyerhoff (Ramat Eshkol) Library
Location: 3 Carl Netter, Maalot Dafna, Jerusalem
Time frame: Hours: S,M,W,T 2:00 -7:00pm, Tues 9am – 1pm
Contact Information: 02-541-0777, rbtikva@jerusalem.muni.il
Description: This library has a large selection of English books for adults as well as a whole separate child and teen section that has both Hebrew and some English books. Free to take out books, leave 100 shekels check as deposit.
Ramat Bet Shemesh Gemach Gundel
Location: Refael & Gitty Leitner, Nachal Noam 3/8, Ramat Bet Shemesh
Contact Information: 02-999-8863.
Description: Large selection of English books. Cost 2 shekel to take one out for 2 weeks. Please call before coming.
English Book Exchange
Location: Modi’in
Contact Information: Inbar.ushpiz@gmail.com
Baka Library
Location: Baka Matnas, 3 Yissaschar Street
Time frame: Hours- S, M, W, Th 14:00-19:00 Tues 9-12:00
Contact Information: 02-671-1734
Ramat Bet Shemesh Library
Location: Ramat Bet Shemesh Matnas, Nachal Dolev 16
Contact Information: 633-1861
Telshestone English Library
Location: 10 HaGra Street (in the Senior Center)
Time frame: Mondays 8- 11:45 am, Thursdays 2- 5:45 pm
Contact Information: 02-534-5835
Included in this section is a varied list of different types of sports opportunities located in many different neighborhoods. In addition to the sport opportunities listed here there are many more at your local Matnas (community center).
American Football in Israel
: Kraft Family Stadium Jerusalem  Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys and Girls separate                      
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew and English
Website: www.israelfootball.net (league)www.allstarisrael.com (camp) Contact Information: 050-790-4788 info@allstarisrael.com Description: This program offers American Football as well as other American sports it includes high school flag football league, tackle football league., chuggim, as well as pre-Pesach and summer camps. 
Roller Hockey and Rollerblading
Location: ICCC (international Community and Culture Center) 12 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed   
Ages: Roller Hockey 10- 15, Rollerblading up to 13
Language: HebrewWebsite: www.m-tarbut.org.il 
Contact Information: 02-566-4114/5
Life Guarding with USA Certification and Water Aerobics
Location: Ramat Beit Shemesh A  Boys/Girls/Mixed: separate classes                   
Ages: 15+
Language: English 
Time frame:10 hours outside pool,  10-14 hours in the pool
Contact Information: Avigail Polishuk  02-999-3758  or 05271-52119
Description: Lifeguard techniques as well as first aid and CPR are taught, the classes are fun, challenging, and give the students confidence when they complete the course. 
Teen Room
: Magen Ha Elef Matnas, Ma’alot Dafna
Language: Hebrew
Time frame: open three evenings a week, call for times. 
Contact Information
: 02-532-2529/2816 
Description: A room in the Magen Ha Elef Matnas with billiards, fooseball tables, video games.
Game Room
: Jerusalem City Center, Located in the miklat on Ohel Moshe Street on the corner of HaGalboa.
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed              
Ages: All 
: Hebrew 
Time frame: Sunday to Thursday from 4:00- 8:00 pm
Website: http://www.levhair.org.il/Index.asp?ArticleID=800&CategoryID=549&Page=1
Contact Information: 02-532-2529/2816
Description: Billiards, ping pong, air hockey, basketball, and games such as backgammon/"sheshbesh"
King David Stables
Language: Hebrew and English
Website: www.kingdavidstables.com
Contact Information: 057-747-1681 057-739-8866, kingds@netvision.net.il Description: Horseback riding classes for both individuals and groups. They also have a special yoga on horseback course.
Doron’s Ranch
Location: Kfar Ha Noar, Ben Shemen, Modiin Area
Contact Information: Doron Shefer 052-234-6142
Description: Riding School, Therapeutic Riding.
Ego Gym
Location: Azrieli Mall, Modiin
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed               Ages: 14+
Language: Hebrew
Time frame: Sunday-Thursday 6:00-23:00, Friday 7:00- Mall Close. Motzei Shabbat Mall opening -23:00
Contact Information: 08-970-9800
Description: Offers Step, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Kickboxing, Spinning
Maccabim Sport Center
Location: Modiin
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed               Ages: All
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: 08-926-1264/1870
Description: This sports center offers swimming, tennis, different sports, as well as gym hours, dance and aerobics classes specifically for teens.
The Maalei Adumim Matnas offers for teens
Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Mountain biking, Strength and Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics
Contact: SPORT@MMASPORT.COM, call 02-5357484, or visit http://www.mmasport.com/ 
The Baka Matnas offers teens-
Soccer, Basketball
Contact: 02-6734327
The Efrat Matnas
Offers Special needs sports, Rollerblading, Swimming, Basketball, Fencing, Tennis, American Football, and Soccer
Contact Yoav Sugarman050-725057
Gymnastics and Dance
Classic and Modern Dance Chug
Location: Magen Ha Elef Matnas, Maalot Dafna
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls               
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: 02-532-2529/2816
Bnos Miriam School of Dance
: Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls                   
Ages: All
Language: English Time frame: Call for classes and times.
Contact Information: 02-622-3810
Description: Former Broadway dancer Rachel Factor’s Dance Studio. Many styles of dance are available.
Kvits Kvots Gymnastics
Location: 3 gyms in Jerusalem: Talpiot, Har Homa, Kiryat Moshe
: Girls                 
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew classes with English speaking coaches
Contact Information: Tehila Frankel, 077-884-7788, 050-577-8899, tehila@gymnastics.co.il
Description: Kvits Kvots gymnastics for girls- all ages and from beginners to advanced.
Mechola Dance Centre
: Herzog 105 Jerusalem; Brodsy 43, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv; Aloch and Rothberg high schools, Ramat Hasharon; Hachottsvim 5, Mevasseret.
Boys/Girls/Mixed  mixed                        
Ages: 12+ 
Language: Hebrew
Website: www.mehola.co.il
Contact Information: Jerusalem, 02-563-6663; Tel Aviv, 03-642-1114; Ramat Hasharon, 03-760-0160; Mevasseret 02-570-2226
Mechola is a private institute and is the biggest dance center in Israel for Folk dance, Ethnic dance, Modern dance and Jazz dance, with branches in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.  They also have classes in hip hop and ballet.
Yonah Dance Center
: Beit Shemesh
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls/Boys Separate classes                       
Ages: All
Language: Primarily English spoken by kids, Teachers speak both English and Hebrew and conduct the classes mainly in Hebrew. 
Time frame:
Afternoons Chugim and Avadot Gemer (Bagrut level Program)
: www.yonadance.com
Contact Information
: Manager and Director: Yona Morgenstern, 052-822-9137
Description: We are a Private Dance School that was established to create a place for all level dancers to advance and learn in a modest environment. On staff are professional dance teachers with a four year BA degree from England, Russia, Israel and America. At our school we teach: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, break dancing, and gymnastics
Shoshie Broide’s Dance School
Location: Matnas Romema, 5 Zichron Yakov Street, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls                 
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew, but most instructors speak English.
Contact: Shoshi, 054-222-6621
Description: A dance school running for over 10 years, with classes in stretch, contact, ballet and modern. Classes for all levels in a religious environment. Performances and choreography competitions throughout the year.
Muza Teen Dance Program
Location: Pisgat Zev Matnas
Contact Information: 02-656-3766/7 or 02-584-8900
Description: Teen Dance program offering Jazz, Modern dance (for the religious community), Capoera, and Mizrachi
The Efrat Matnas offers teens-
Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Improvisational Dance. Aerobics, Gymnastics, and Rhythmic Gymnastics
Contact Yael Keller for information 050-7298279
The Baka Matnas offers teens-
Break dancing
Contact: 02-6734237
The ICCC (International Community and Culture Center) offers teens-
Contact: 02-566-4144/5 
The Maalei Adumim Matnas offers teens-
Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Israeli Dance, Salsa, Ballroom, Mizrachi, with some classes specifically for religious girls.
Contact: 02-5913111 
Martial Arts
Tai Kwan Do 
: Magen Ha Elef Matnas, 3 Magen HaElef, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys                       
Ages: 10- 14
Language: Hebrew 
Time frame: Twice per week for 45 minutes
Contact Information: 02-532-2529/2816
El Halev
: 2 Poalei Tzedek St, Talpiot, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls                     
Ages: 13-18
Language: Hebrew and English
Time frame: Ongoing, throughout the year
Website: www.elhalev.org
Contact Information
: Tamar or Yael: 02-6781764 
Description: El Halev is a non-profit organization that effects social change through empowering women of all ages by means of self –defense and the martial arts. We run courses throughout the year both at our Jerusalem branch and at schools throughout the country in: Karate, Judo, Budokon, Yoga, Taekwondo, Capoeira and Kickboxing for teenage girls. In addition we are proud of our self-defense and IMPACT workshops that teach teens a range of physical, psychological and verbal skills for coping with many forms of assault.

Tora Dojo
Location: Ulpana, 19 Nachal Tzamon, Modiin
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys                
Ages: teens
Contact Information: Avi Schneider 054-768-8522, avi@toradojo.co.il.
Description: martial arts with a Jewish approach.
The ICCC offers teens-
Taekwondo for 6th graders and above. Judo for 5th graders and above. MMA Martial Arts for up to 8th grade. Nin Jisto age 12 and above.
Contact: www.m-tarbut.org.il, 02-566-4144/5
The Maalei Adumim Matnas offers for teens-
Judo, Karate, TaeKwon Do, Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, Combined Martial Arts.
Contact: SPORT@MMASPORT.COM, call 02-5357484, or visit http://www.mmasport.com/ 
The Baka Matnas offers teens-
Karate, Capoera
Contact: 02-6734237
The Efrat Matnas Offers:
Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing
Contact Yoav Sugarman050-7250571.
Beit HaChayal
Location: 3 Shaltei, Bet HaChayal
Contact Information: 02-624-4813
Beit Taylor
Location: 23 Israel Zangwill, Kiryat Yovel
Contact Information: 02-631-0483
Djanoghli Ramot
: 2 Avraham Reconati, Ramot B
Contact Information: 02-586-8055
Jerusalem Forrest
: Mitzpeh Zippori, Jerusalem Forest
Contact Information: 02-675-2911
Neve Yaakov Location: 38 Neve Yacov Blvd
Contact Information: 02-583-0597
School for the Blind
Location: 8 Degel Reuven, Jerusalem 
Contact Information: 02-659-9515
The Jerusalem Pool
: 43 Emek Refaim  
Contact Information: 02-563-2092, heated pool in winter 02-561-1336
Y. Cohen Pool
Location: University Campus, Jerusalem 
Contact Information: 02-658-4293
Kiryat Chinuch Swimming Pool
: Rambam 21
Contact Information: 999-3630
Nes Harim Swimming Pool
: Nes Harim, Bet Shemesh Area
Contact Information: 02-579-5959
Location: Mevoh Beitar
Contact Information: 02-587-2224 (Main Office), 050-4143224
Efrat Matnas Pool
Location: The Efrat Matnas
Contact Information: 02-9932936
Maccabim Sport Center
Location: Modiin Area
Contact Information: 08-9261264
Many of you will have volunteering requirements in your high school and therefore the school is responsible for placing you in an appropriate position. However for those of you who do not have this requirement, below please find a small list if wonderful organization that would be very happy to have your help.
Magen David Adom
Location: All over Israel
Boys/Girls/Mixed: mixed                 
Ages: 15+
Language: Hebrew
Website: www.mda.org.il/noar.asp
Description:  All around Israel, thousands of teenagers 15 years and older volunteer their time on the ambulances of Magen David Adom.  The 60 hour training course takes place periodically throughout the year.
Location: Har Nof, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed              
Ages: 15+
Language: Basic Hebrew is a must
Contact Information: Talia Siman Tov, who is English speaking, 052-8832810
Description: Working with children with special needs. Option to work in the morning at a day care centre for Down syndrome children or in the afternoon program with children ages 8+.
Lemaan Achai
Location:  40/7 Nachal Lachish, Ramat Beit Shemesh
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys and girls separate 
Language: Hebrew and English
Contact Person and Phone #:  Susan Hoffman 02-999-1553 Ext. 115
Description:We have the following volunteering options for teenagers:
  • Big sister/big brother program – a mentoring program in which teenage volunteers (over the age of 16)  or young adults are set up as mentors for kids of our families.  They meet once a week for a couple of hours.
  • Tutoring program – teenage volunteers teach on a one-on-one basis the kids of our families.  The volunteers can give as many hours as they wish.
  • Food distribution program – teenagers collect food for us in the schools, outside supermarkets and door to door.
  • Poster hanging – we need as many volunteers as possible to hang our publicity posters a few times a year around the neighborhood.
  • Due to the fact that the majority of our families are Chareidi, the volunteers for nos. 1. and 2. must be modestly dressed and in most cases for no. 1 we need volunteers of Chareidi orientation. 
Beit Hagalgalim (House of Wheels) 
Location: Jerusalem, Kfar Saba, Akko, Ofakim
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed
Ages: 8-18 
Language: Hebrew
Time frame: 2 weekly hours. Mainly afternoons. 
Website: www.beitgalgalim.org.il 
Contact Information: Tomer 052-8385666 
Description: Beit hagalgalim has a variety of activities meant for the rehabilitation and social integration of disabled children and youth. Volunteers can join a certain course or workshop as long as they oblige for a minimum of 4 months. The activities are a lot of fun, but also a chance to discover a whole new world about disabilities and disabled children integration, as well as an opportunity to make new friends among the other volunteers. Language shouldn't be a problem! 
Tutoring New Immigrant Kids
Location: Buchman Yeshiva Reuven St, Modi’in
Contact Information: Joanna Maisel anglo_olim@modiin.muni.il
Description: Help younger children who are new olim with academic, social, or cultural difficulties.
Contact Information:
Modiin: Noa Vinik amen@modiin.matnasim.co.il,
Baka: Shira Vidra shira.vidra@gmail.com,
Description: Many of the matnasim (community centers) have year-long teen volunteer programs such as Modi’in, Jerusalem, Ma’aleh Adumim. Contact the mantas for more details.
Kids for Kids
Location: 16/4 Tiferet Yisrael Street. Jerusalem, Israel. 97500
Contact Information: Tel: 02.628.1987, Fax: 02.628.5536, info@kidsforkids.net
Description: Youth Organization for the Recovery of Young Victims of Terrorism
Hazon Yeshaya
Location: 60 Rashi St., Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: mixed             
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew and English
Contact Information: 02-538-1411, volunteers@hazonyeshaya.org
Description: Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens provides life-saving meals to thousands of Israel’s neediest adults and children, 365 days a year.  They are excited to accept volunteers of all ages.
Ulpanim- Education
Your Aliyah counselor or the ministry of absorption should help you find the appropriate school and Ulpan to meet your needs. Here we have listed an Ulpan specifically for teens in Jerusalem as well as an educational consulting service specifically for Anglo families and an alternative high school to receive your GED. 
Ulpan for Teenage Olim
14 Gideon St., Baka, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed Mixed            
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew 
Contact Information
: 02-673-1293, 052-287-4209 (fax)02-673-1298 Director: Yael Shalom, ulpanolim@barak.net.il
MaLaCH Israel
Location: All over Israel
Boys/Girls/Mixed:  Individual                 
Ages: All
Language: Hebrew and English
Contact Information
: Michelle Berkowitz, 0545485476, 02-991-9283, www.malachisrael.com
Description: Michelle Berkowitz is a MaLaCH (Madricha L'Tichnun CHinuchi), Educational Consultant, whospecializes in helping teens and their parents in their search process for the right high school. She organizes high school fairs, advises parents who are considering aliyah, and consults with preteens/teens and their parents to guide them academically, socially and personally through the Israeli school experience. She also publishes handbooks to assist the search and continues to provide private counseling educational services. Michelle works closely with parents, teens, health care professionals, and educators for successful school placements and to create innovative interventions in schools.
GMAX Jerusalem
Location: Givat Ram, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys and Girls                       
Language: English  
Time frame: September-June
Contact Information: Bruria Lapin-Martin 050-875-3669
Description: GMAX is an English-speaking High School program that prepares its students for entrance into Israeli Universities. The program includes preparation for a High School diploma, an Ulpan, Limudei Kodesh classes, a complete course for the Psychometric examination, as well as extra-curricular activities.
Social Services
Hopefully your Aliyah process will be smooth and enjoyable. However, if you or someone you know finds themselves needing extra support, below please find a list of organizations and hotlines that will give you the support you need or will direct you to someone who can.
Kav L’Noar 
25 Keren HaYesod, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Individual programming boys and girls.                   
11- 18
Language: English
Website: www.kavlnoar.org
Contact Information: 02-622-3039/3602Description: KLN provides mentoring and therapeutic services to English speaking olim families with children ages 11-18, addressing a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues.
Location: Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Boys and Girls separate                 
Ages: 11-18
Language: Hebrew and English
Contact Information: Rabbi Nachum Wasosky 052-772-3500
Description:  Hakshiva is an organization that helps to ensure that each youth in RBSA reaches his or her full potential socially, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually.  We do this through three major programs: Individual Mentoring Program, Group Mentoring Program, and Parental Guidance Program.

The Crossroads Center
Location: 2 HaHavatzelet, third floor
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed              
Ages: 14-21
Language: English  
Time frame: Center hours open to teens: Sun, Tue, Wed 15:00-22:00; Mon, Thurs 15:00-18:30
Contact Information:  02-624-6265 Ask to speak to any of our social workers: Orli, Adina, Ahuva, Tsvi, Leah. 
Description: Based in downtown Jerusalem, the Crossroads Center provides comprehensive support services to English-speaking teens adapting to life in Israel.  The Crossroads Center is open for teens daily offering: Drop-in Center for Youth in Distress, A Social Club —the “Moadon”, Counseling and therapy, case-management, and crisis intervention, Enrichment Activities, Educational Assistance, Employment Center, Street Activities and Outreach, and Resource Center.
The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma
Location: Jerusalem
Phone number: 02-678-2899
SELAH: Israel Crisis Management Center for New Immigrants
Location: Tel Aviv
Phone number: 03-510-7750
Maytal: Israel Institute for Treatment and Study of Stress
Location: Haifa
Phone number: 04-838-1999
HaMerkaz Lemashabei Hitmodedut
Location: Kiryat Shmonah
Phone number: 04-693-3340
Rape Crisis Center
Phone number: 1201
Eran- Ezra Rishonah Nafshit (Emotional First Aid)
Location: Nationwide
Phone number: 1201
Website: www.eran.orgi.il
Description: hotline is 24/7 in Hebrew.  There is also online emotional support through e-mail correspondence and on-line chat.  This is open from 6 pm-midnight seven nights per week.
Aliyah Services
If you have any questions concerning your Aliyah process, don’t hesitate to contact one of the organizations below to get some answers.
Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI)
Location: Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman Family Center, 37 Pierre Koenig/ 2 Poalei Tzedek 4th floor, Talpiot Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed              
Ages: All
Language: English
Contact Information: 02-566-1181
Description:  AACI encourages Aliyah of Americans and Canadians and assists its members to be absorbed into Israeli society and participate in the life of the Country, providing information and advice to English speakers.
Nefesh B’Nefesh
Beit Ofer, 5 Nachum Hefzadi, Jerusalem 
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Individual             
Language: English
Website: www.nbn.org.il
Contact Information: 02-659-5800 
Description: Nefesh B’Nefesh provides Olim with financial assistance, employment resources, assistance with governmental absorption, and community-based guidance and support, in order to make each individual’s Aliyah as successful as possible.
Coordinator of English Speaking Olim
Location: Beit Shemesh
Contact Information: Tami Elmaliach 050-4518889, olimhelp@gmail.com
: Liaison to Education Department of Beit Shemesh
Below please find a number of interesting activities that did not fall under any of the other categories. Perhaps you may find an activity that will meet you needs here!
Switch Magazine of Modi’in By Teens for Teens
Contact Information
: Switch.teen.magazine@gmail.com Elana or Keren
: Nefesh B’Nefesh, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed            
Ages: All
Language: English 
Website: www.nbn.org.il
Description: This program pairs teens before making aliyah to teens here in Israel. They can connect through email and letters before arriving, and will be invited to social programs together after aliyah. To sign up, contact Yaira Halpert, Aliza Avraham or Etan Zivan, at: teens@nbn.co.il  with the following information: Teen's Name, Gender, Incoming grade, Aliyah date, Destination in Israel, City of Origin, and Email.
Yedidim L’tzeirim
Location:Yerushalayim, Beit Shemesh, Beitar
Boys/Girls/Mixed:  Boys and Girls - separate
Ages: 7-17
Language: English and Hebrew
Contact Information:Rabbi Faivel Adelman 052-712-1333
Description: Yedidim L’tzeirim is a mentoring program that reaches out to Anglo youth in Israel. Through its one on one big brother and sister program Yedidim has had the privilege of helping many youth through their struggles with aliyah, school, social issues and with difficulties at home. Many youth who have availed themselves of Yedidim’s services have seen a dramatic improvement in their lives.
Group Bat Mitzvah Classes
: PARDES, Talpiot, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Girls               
Ages: Bat mitzvah ages
Language: Hebrew
Time frame: meet once a week for six months, and parents join once a month.
Website: www.zermitzvot.com
Contact Information
: Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz, 050-7904964
: This weekly chug provides a warm, fun,  safe learning environment, where girls study through text, drama, art, games and other special activities, making this important year more meaningful as they are on their way to becoming Jewish women. The program includes monthly joint mother-daughter sessions (fathers are also welcome), and meetings with female figures who exemplify the mitzvot that are studied. 
Kfar Etzion Field School Youth Program
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed              
Ages: 14- 18
Language: Hebrew with English speaking madrichim.
Contact Information: Naomi Hayut 050-993-5104 or Dotan Halevy 050-795-2223 naomi_H@walla.co.il
Description: Once a month this group gets together and goes on an overnight field trip around Israel with the goal of learning about the local history and natural environment.
Munchies Teen Café, Maalei Adumim, http://www.mama.org.il/?CategoryID=192
Modiin Teen Café, Modiin, Open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 7:30pm- 10:00 pm. caffemodiin@gmail.com, http://www.matnasmodiin.org.il/node/71

    • Camp Dror- A camp for teens going into 6-10th grade. Separate Boys and Girls Camps. Run by the OU center, the camp is in a religious and Zionist atmosphere but takes teens on fun trips and exciting programming in the beautiful Golan Heights. Language: Hebrew, many Anglo Olim come specifically to work on their Hebrew skills. Website: campdror.com Contact: Chaim Pelzner 050-656-4254.
    • Here is a list from NBN of over 100 camps of all types, all over the country. http://www.nbn.org.il/component/content/article/1157-camp-directory.html?q=summer+camp
Teen Club
Location: Derech Bet Lechem 97, Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed  
Language: Hebrew.
Contact Information: Shira Vidra at the Baka Matnas: shira.vidra@gmail.com, 02-673423
Description: Once a month, organize coffee shop open mic night.
Beit Lazarus
Location: Jerusalem
Boys/Girls/Mixed: Mixed              
Ages: 12-18
Language: Hebrew
Contact Information: Shira Vidra at the Baka Matnas: shira.vidra@gmail.com, 02-673423
Description: Tourism group for grades 7-9. Go on tiyul which focuses on geology, zoology an history. There is a course for grades 10-12 for army preparation. There are also courses on web design, music, recording and DJing.
Army and Sherut Leumi (National Service)
Every Israeli citizen has a legal obligation to serve their country when they reach the age of 18, through either army service for sherut leumi.  Men generally serve in the army for three years, while women serve for 2 years.  Those who choose instead to do their service through sherut leumi due to religious or medical reasons serve for either one or two years.  Many youth who make Aliyah find enlisting and being involved in the army or national service to be a very intimidating process.  Below are a number of programs and organizations which will help you to navigate the enlistment and enrollment process and provide you with support throughout your time of service.

Garin Tzabar
http://www.israelscouts.org/siteDisplay.php - Tzofim Garin Tzabar offers a support network for Hebrew speaking American young adults making the important choice to come to Israel and join the Israeli Army. The process includes 5 seminars throughout the year in which the participants learn about their duties in the army and their rights as citizens of Israel, as well as create supportive relationships with peers who will share this experience. The seminars are in Hebrew, so basic knowledge of Hebrew is necessary. If you join Garin Tzabar, you may be eligible for a special incentive package through Nefesh B'Nefesh. 
Atuda http://www.aka.idf.il/giyus/general/?CatID=35652 - Atuda is an army program for new Olim who wish to complete their university studies prior to doing their army service. After registering for the army (which includes bringing a letter of acceptance by the institution in which you are studying), you continue with your studies. During your vacations, you will do basic training and some type of reserve duty. Only upon completion of your studies will you do your regular service.  
Army Mechina (Preparation)
Aliyah & Integration Program at Mechinat Keshet Yehuda - www.keshetyehuda.org (click on English). Mechinat Keshet Yehuda specializes in young religious men ages 18 to early 20's  who are making Aliyah or are thinking about making Aliyah. Mechinat Keshet Yehuda is a pre-military religious Mechina (post high school educational institution) located in the Golan Heights and is one of the most respected Mechinot in Israel. This Mechina also offers a Pilot Year Program that will help you decide the right option for you before committing to anything. The Mechina offers a full range of Torah classes both in Hebrew and English. Most of the graduates from program make it into top IDF units. For more information please contact Avraham V’Nismach at av@keshetyehuda.org or call in the US 310-747-3306 or in Israel 04-685-0695.
Hadas - http://www.midreshet-lindenbaum.org.il/ - The Hadas program is geared towards observant girls who wish to serve in the IDF as either Educational Non-Commissioned Officers (Mashakiot Hora’ah), or in the Intelligence Corps, and the General Secret Services (Shabak). For more information please see http://www.midreshet-lindenbaum.org.il/ or contact Rav Ohad Tehar Lev, Director, Hadas Education and Hadas Intelligence, phone: 011-972-2-671-0043, email: hadas@lind.org.il 
Sherut Leumi (National Service)
Sherut Leumi is voluntary national service that takes the place of army service. Israeli citizens who get an army exemption and non-Israeli citizens who volunteer are both eligible. Sherut Leumi gives young women an opportunity to get intensive exposure to a number of professional environments in Israeli society. Most are Hebrew-speaking environments, but English speakers are rare commodities whose skills are greatly valued.
Sherut Leumi offers programs in a wide range of fields. Applicants are interviewed and matched by placement organizations to appropriate positions according to their skills, interests and needs. Each placement organization works within specific fields, so it is advisable to choose a field of interest, and then to find the placement organization that works within the chosen field.Service lasts for 12 months and typically requires 30-40 hours/week.
Placement Organizations Here are a few placement organizations through which one can register for Sherut Leumi:
Agudah Lhitnadvut www.sherut-leumi.co.il Malka Weisberg Supervisor of Foreign Volunteers Tel: 02-651-9508 Cell: 050-7434176 Fax: 02-652-3340 Email: yitzmalk@netvision.net.il
Bat Ami National Zionist Religious organization Web: http://bat-ami.org.il/ email: batami8@bezeqint.net Contacts:Tal Galterin - 052-431-7278 Ginat Bognim - 052-899-0444

Shlomit Web
: www.shlomit.org.il Phone: 03-612-9202
About the Authors:
Elinor, Julie, and Cynthia received their Masters of Arts in Community Leadership and Philanthropy Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They are all from North America and each have previous experience working with Jewish teenagers. They are very excited about the publishing of this guide and hope that it aids with the integration process of the teens who use it.

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