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March 2016
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The following rights are not granted automatically.  Many have time, age or other limitations.  Confirm your rights with an AACI counselor.
TRAVEL ASSISTANCEOlim are entitled to a free one way ticket to Israel on an EL AL flight, which is arranged through the Jewish Agency shaliach or Nefesh B’Nefesh.  Olim are allowed three pieces of luggage.  Free transportation is provided from Ben Gurion Airport to the oleh's first destination.  Confirm this with your shaliach or Nefesh B’Nefesh.
SAL KLITAH – Absorption Basket. The first payment is given in cash by Misrad HaKlitah (Ministry of Absorption) to olim at the airport. Subsequent payments are deposited directly into your bank account.  In order to begin receiving Sal Klitah and various government benefits, olim need to open a bank account shortly after arrival and give the bank account details to Misrad HaAliyah veHaKlitah.
HEALTH CARE:  Free health insurance for the first 12 months from date of aliyah if the oleh is not working.
ULPAN: An intensive Hebrew course, given in many locations and at different levels.  Olim are entitled to one course of free study, to be used within the first 10 years after aliyah.
ABSORPTION CENTER: Temporary housing for olim for the first couple of weeks or acceptance into a study program with board, usually for 5 months.   Your Shaliach must check your eligibility and make all the arrangements prior to your aliyah.  
RENTAL SUBSIDY:  The subsidy begins from the 8th month from the date of aliyah for olim who do not own property.    
MORTGAGE:  The eligibility period for olim to receive mortgages with preferred terms is 15 years.  The amount of mortgage depends on a point system with additional mortgage sums and grants available for certain development areas.  You must present a contract.
PLEASE NOTE:  Neither rent subsidy nor mortgage assistance will cover the full actual cost of housing.  You will need to supplement from savings or income.
BUSINESS LOANS for olim may be available through the Misrad HaAliyah veHaKlitah for a period of 10 years after aliyah, under specific conditions.
CUSTOMS RIGHTS:  Rights are given for 3 years from date of aliyah, some customs rights may be extended for a fourth year under certain circumstances.
AUTOMOBILES:  Period of reduced customs – 3 years from date of aliyah, conditional upon having a valid driver’s license from the country of aliyah and an Israeli driver’s license. Olim may purchase an auto without an Israeli driver’s license in the first year of aliyah as long as they take out an Israeli license before the first year ends. Please note that there is a customs tax REDUCTION on cars, and NOT a complete tax exemption.  Abbreviated conversions of a foreign license may be made within three years of aliyah, although it is important to note that one may not legally drive in Israel with a foreign license twelve months after obtaining oleh or temporary resident status.  See AACI information Sheet “Driving in Israel”.
Shipping to Israel can be very expensive.  Household items can be shipped either in a container (cheaper only for large quantities), or in crates.  Compare rates with movers, and also check conditions regarding storing at the port before delivery.  Olim have to make their own arrangements for storage if needed after arrival.  AACI has a list of private storage facilities.

COMPULSORY SCHOOL:  Primary education is basically free, but parents pay for books and school expenses (trips, materials, etc.), and municipal school taxes.  High school education requires payment of some fees.  There is some tutorial support given by the school in the first 3 years.  There are academic considerations (hakalot) given to high school student olim.  There is also financial support from the Ministry of Education during the second and third year.  Please check with your AACI counselor for more information. 
UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: University-aged students may be eligible to receive Minhal HaStudentim (Student Authority) assistance for up to three years of paid tuition for a BA, or two years for an MA degree.  Confirm your eligibility with the Student Authority. 
Arnona (Municipal tax) - Most municipalities offer discounts to olim for one year if utilized within the first 2 years.  Discounts are usually given on the first 100 square meters of the apartment.
Income Tax Reductions are given over a period of 3-1/2 years from the date of aliyah.  The highest reduction is given in the first 18 months and gradually decreases over time.
A Municipal Discount Culture card for olim is available in some municipalities.
Other rights and benefits may be available.  Check with your AACI Counselor as to what is available, the amounts, and time limits.

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