Finding An Apartment
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Finding an Apartment
Purchase of a Home in Israel
1.         REALTORS 
  • Lists of Realtors are available to AACI members.
  • Realtors generally charge one month's rent for finding rental property and a percentage of the cost of property if purchased.
  • If you work with more than one Realtor, avoid seeing the same property with two different agents. If you decide to take that place, you pay Realtors' fees to both agents.
  • There are companies which provide computerized apartment listings. Subscribers can also receive the listings by fax daily. Please note that most of these companies do not currently send faxes overseas.
  • Please contact your AACI Regional Office for addresses and telephone numbers.
3.         The INTERNET can be a quick, efficient route for finding accommodation.
Some useful sites:
4.         NEWSPAPERS advertise rental and purchase of apartments. Tuesday and Friday are the preferred advertising days. The Hebrew press, particularly the local supplements, generally has more ads than the English newspapers.
5.         AACI BRANCH OFFICES list apartment rentals and shared housing on their bulletin boards.
6.         WORD OF MOUTH is an excellent information source. Neighborhood residents and shop owners may know of available housing. Try placing flyers in mailboxes and on community bulletin boards. Check supermarkets and university bulletin boards also.
1.         Before renting or buying visit the neighborhood at various times. Note the noise level and traffic. Consider the age of the building and accessibility. Notice gardens and general appearance. When renting, take pictures of pre-existing problems, such as wall cracks, broken fixtures, etc. Make sure the contract states clearly who is responsible for repairs of the apartment and of the building.
2.         Consider the amount of Arnona (municipal tax) to be paid. 
3.         In determining an apartment's size in meters, bruto is total size including porches, walls, elevator space, etc. while netto is the actual living area available to you.
AACI has a number of information sheets on housing in Israel to assist you as you investigate your options. Please check with your nearest AACI office for
  • Permanent Housing in Israel - informs you about purchasing a home. 
  • Real Estate Agents - a list of various estate agents around the country. 
  • Rental Contracts – Protection of Tenants' Rights - to guide you before signing a rental agreement.
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